Watermarble Wednesdays: Red & Fuchsia + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!,

How has your week been thus far? Mine has been alright. Just trying to do as much as possible for myself as well as around the house since my oldest won't be having to go to school for the next two weeks. Today I actually have a Watermarble Wednesdays post to share and I feel like it has literally been an eternity since I've done one of these! Let's see how they came out.

I have really missed being able to do Watermarble Wednesdays especially seeing that I really love to do watermarble nail art in general. So when I was able to sit down and actually get these done it was almost relaxing for me. I know some of you are probably wondering if I've completely gone nuts or something lol. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to keep this going and being consistent like it was before. I didn't have any particular colours in mind I just went with the first two that I saw and hoped for the best lol.



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