Happy Wednesday!,

How has your week been thus far? Mine has been alright. I went and got myself a planner yesterday so hopefully, it'll help me to be more on top of things. The baby is still sleeping kinda weird so my sleeping pattern is definitely really wonky lol. Today I have this tie-dye inspired nail art look to share with you! Let's get started. 

I remember when I sat down to do attempt a tie-dye type of look I was kinda excited because it was my first time giving this a try. I've seen it done so many times and was like okay I can do this. All that excitement really started to go downhill fast. After sitting down and getting my white base done I then realized that I actually didn't have the thick felt tip sharpie markers but instead I had the fine point pen like ones. Seeing as I was determined to give this look a try I figured I would just use what I had on hand and make it work. After some tries, I ended up with this look. I will say that it actually didn't turn out too shabby especially seeing as I didn't have the correct sharpies, But regardless I'll definitely be trying this look again.




Polishes Used:

Products/Tools Used:
  • Fine Tip Sharpies: Green, Blue, Pink & Purple
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Have you ever tried a Tie-Dye look? Any tips/ tricks to share? What do you think about how these turned out? Let me know! 

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