Reverse Stamping Sweets

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend. I fell behind so much last week but in all honesty between the pain that I was feeling I just didn't have the energy to do too much. So I basically just took things as slow and as easy as possible. Although I am still in pain it's not as bad as it was last week so I'm hoping it doesn't progress as the week goes on. Anyway!, today I have a super cute reverse stamping look to share with you!
As much as I do love doing a reverse stamping look it can be tedious in all honesty. Sometimes it has to be a spur of the moment thing or something that I've decided that I'm going to sit down and do lol. This was one that I decided that I was going to because I haven't done a reverse stamping look in what seems like forever. I decided to go with a really fun base that would compliment the look that I was going for. Then I looked through some of my plates for images that some sweet treats on them filled them in with acrylic paint and then applied them onto my nails! My daughter adored these so much!


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  1. Yes your choice of base is perfect! As it's like sprinkles on a cake. Absolutely gorgeous and yummy!!

  2. This reverse stamping paid off. It’s gorgeous! I love the sweets theme

  3. Thanks so much! It is definetly one of my favourites that I've done

  4. I knew when I saw the prompt that the base polish would just be perfect!


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