Spring Gradient & Double Stamping + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!,

I hope that the week has been good to you thus far! It has been to me thankfully. We have had really nice weather which I've been longing for. It's not too hot and it's too cool. I kind of sound like goldilocks lol. Today is my daughters last day of classes as tomorrow is the graduation ceremony for the high school kids and awards ceremony for the younger kids who aren't graduating just yet. I wasn't able to attend last year as I already had a prebooked flight to Jamaica. So I am excited to be able to be there this time! Today I have a springtime gradient and some more double stamping to share! Keep reading for more! 

I think this year I'm going to attempt to do a roundup of my favourite looks for the year and I'm going to have to include this one lol. The reason I called my base a spring gradient is because these colours really remind me of spring and they're just so bright and pretty! Plus to top things off this is another one of my favourite gradients that I've done for the year. Once I had decided that I wasn't going to stop at the gradient alone I told myself I was going to do a double stamping look but wanted an image that wouldn't overpower my base and yet wouldn't be too distracting. Thankfully (in my opinion) the image I went for worked perfectly along with the colours!




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