Essie E-Nuff Is E-nuff Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!!,

Yes, it is finally the weekend and I am so glad especially seeing as this weekend is going to be a long Canada Day being on Monday! Plus after work this weekend I have to go and grab a few things for my gender reveal that my cousin is hosting for me on Saturday! Yes as I mentioned in yesterdays post I am 5 months pregnant and we will all be finding out the baby's gender tomorrow! So today I will be sharing an archived swatch with you. This Essie polish is so pretty and juicy!
E-Nuff Is E-Nuff

E-Nuff Is E-Nuff is a lovely reddish coral creme polish! This is so pretty and would make for a lovely pedicure especially in the summer. The formula is was very creamy and just glided onto the nail. I will say the application was a bit on the sheer side but still built to full opacity admirably. E-Nuff Is E-Nuff is a lovely colour with good drying time between coats. Shown is three thin coats with a glossy top coat!


  1. How exciting for the gender reveal! This has become very popular just lately. Your nails look gorgeous and what a pretty shade ♡

  2. Ohhh I missed the news so congrats on your pregnancy! This is a great color on you!

  3. I know right! Initially I wasn't going to do it but my cousin convienced (and nagged lol)me to do one. I'm glad she did I really enjoyed myself. Thanks Tracey!


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