Sassy Pants Polish Mountain Stream Daydream Swatches & Review

Happy Hump Day,

I hope all is well with you. I'm alright back out to work now after the holidays. Although I wish I could just stay home lol. But unfortunately, I have to be an adult and all. Today I have another archived photo that never got edited to be shared until now! Let's take a look.
Mountain Stream Daydream

Mountain Stream Daydream is a slate grey crelly with blue, pink & purple round glitters, purple metallic glitters, silver hex glitters, and holo round glitters. This beauty was made a while back as a custom polish for the Crazy 4 Crellies group on facebook. I did find that the application was a bit on the sheer side but with that being said there was still good coverage and a smooth application with great glitter payoff with each brushstroke. There was no need to "fish" for glitters either! Mountain Stream Daydream had a good drying time, did dry slightly textured and built to full opacity very nicely. I could have stopped at two coats for opted for three for good measure. Shown is three thin coats with a glossy top coat.

Luckily enough this polish is still available on the Sassy Pants Polish shop. Don't forget to keep up with  Sassy Pants Polish by following them on their social media links down below! 

Sassy Pants Polish

What are your thoughts on this polish? Do you like crellies?

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