Color Club Disco Dress Swatches & Review

Hi Lovelies!,

How goes it? I'm tired, to be honest. I was off work for a while and finally returned and everything has changed! So because of that, I have to do training for a month which starts today. But at least I get to finish earlier than 9PM for a month! Lol. Today I have this gorgeous purple polish by Color Club to show you! Let's get started!
Disco Dress

Disco Dress is a bright purple crelly polish from the Poptastic Collection! Guys!! I remember when I swatched this one I was completely in love with it! Even seeing it now makes me want to just put it on lol. The application was a bit more on the sheer side but still managed to be smooth. This beauty did have acceptable drying time between coats and id dry down to a matte finish. I could have very easily stopped at two coats but since I do thinner coats I opted for three. Shown is three thin coats with a glossy top coat.

What are your thoughts on this polish? Do you own this one?

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