Stained Glass Nail Art

Hey Lovelies!,

How goes it? I'm alright just getting back into the routine with this additional routine that I've had to add back into my life lol. Being an adult is so much fun🙄🙄. Anyway today I'll be sharing another mani that has been buried in my many many photos that never made an appearance on my blog. Let's take a look at what I did!
I remember when I had sat down to do my nails I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I just knew that I wanted to do something. Eventually, I decided that I would attempt my hand at some freehand nail art and that's how this mani came about. In all honesty initially, I really disliked this mani and was never going to post it. But when I was scrolling through my phone I stopped and looked at it once more and didn't understand why I hated it so much before. I really like them especially mattified!

Polishes Used:

Products/Tools Used:


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