Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!!,

How have you guys been?!?! I've been good. I know I went all quiet again but to be honest I just needed a break from everything and I ended up going on vacation to Jamaica for two whole weeks! It was amazing, awesome and so much fun! Now I'm finally back feeling revamped and ready to get back into the swing of things, especially for my blog! With that being said today I'll be sharing a polish that has been swatched since very early last year but hasn't made an appearance on my blog until now!
What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter

What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter is a mid-toned dusty denim blue holo polish with a pink flash and aqua holo glitter! This polish is absolutely beautiful! I did find that the application was on the sheer side but did have good coverage and drying time in between coats. What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Twitter did dry to a slightly textured finish but built to full opacity nicely. So glad to have this in my collection! Shown is three thin coats with a glossy top coat.

Unfortunately, this beauty is no longer available as it was an LE (limited edition) polish. Were you able to purchase this when it was available? Don't forget to keep up with Girly Bits Cosmetics by following them on their social media links down below!! 

Girly Bits Cosmetics

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