Madam Glam Gel & Gelementary Polish Swatches & Review

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How has your weekend been thus far? Mine has been good. Today is my daughter's 7th birthday!!😭😭I can't believe that she's 7 already! Today we're just going to hang around and go out for dinner plus I have to go and pick up her birthday cake. Then tomorrow we should be having a little party at a splash pad if it doesn't rain. Fingers Crossed. Today I'll be sharing some swatches of Madam Glam polishes that are longgg overdue! Keep reading for more!

Five out of the six polishes did require me to use a lamp to cure them since they are gel. All of the gel polishes had a smooth formula, amazing shine and built to full opacity nicely. They also didn't take long to cure at all. The gel polishes all required three coats while the Gelementary polish only required two. All photos are shown with top coat. 

BeautyBigBang Aurora Unicorn Pigment Swatch & Review


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How have you been? I've been good. I went to Jamaica for two weeks and had a blast. It was a nice and overdue break from everything. Hopefully, I can go back again soon. My family from Barbados was also here when I got back and spending time with them was a lot of fun as well! I'm hoping they come back soon too! But back to business and catching up (as always) lol. Well, today I have this Unicorn Pigment from BeautyBigBang to share!

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How have you guys been?!?! I've been good. I know I went all quiet again but to be honest I just needed a break from everything and I ended up going on vacation to Jamaica for two whole weeks! It was amazing, awesome and so much fun! Now I'm finally back feeling revamped and ready to get back into the swing of things, especially for my blog! With that being said today I'll be sharing a polish that has been swatched since very early last year but hasn't made an appearance on my blog until now!