WNAC Day 12 - Grid

Happy Wednesday!,

How has your week been so far? Honestly mine has been ridiculously busy. Remember how I told you that my daughter had injured her finger. Well on Tuesday I had to take her back to the hospital to get the temporary cast taken off and then the doctor said that because she's young and her bones are still not like adult bones that it actually had moved out of place instead of breaking and he had to pull her finger back in place. She cried and I cried, but she's okay now and has to keep a cast on for 3 weeks and then a splint for another 3 weeks. After that her finger should be healed! Anyway, lets take a look at today's nail art! 

I've passed over this image on my stamping plate many times and always said that I would use it because I just loved the look of it. So then I finally decided that this was the mani to use it. Initially I went in with a navy blue stamping polish but I felt like it wasn't going to show up as nicely as I would have liked over my base colour. So then i decided to go in again using the same image using a white stamping polish. I think I ended up liking it more this way!




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