Clairestelle8 Day 10 - Stone

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was alright busy although I didn't get to finish do everything that I needed too. Plus my daughter broke the bottom part of her pinky finger on her right hand and she's been dealing with it a lot better than I thought she would be to be honest. Anyway today I'll be sharing my mani for this months Clairestelle8 Challenge!
As usual I can't seem to get my shit together so I'm late to posting these but I'm determined to do all the prompts lol. I kid you not I've probably only attempted to do this type of nail art once and I don't even remember when it was. Either way I really need to do this technique more often. I love how this turned out! Plus it wasn't difficult to do at all!

Polishes Used:

Products/Tools Used:


  1. I love this look! How did you do it?

  2. Thanks so much! Basically I took a cup of room temperature water, dropped a bead of polish into it. Then I used on of my body sprays from bbw and kept spray into the water until I got the separation that I had liked and then just dipped my finger in.


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