Clairestelle8 Day 20 - Glitter


How has your weekend been? Mine has been busy and frustrating all at once. Today I decided to just try and relax as much as possible and get stuff done for myself. I had washed my hair earlier, styled it and as I sit and type this I'm waiting for it to dry. Anyway, enough about me! Let's take a look at the nail art that I have for you today.

WNAC Day 19 - Dry Marble


Hey Everyone!,

How are you? I'm feeling kind of blah (if that makes sense to anyone)lol. It's been a really gloomy day here and when the weather gets like this I just don't feel like doing anything but staying inside and curling up under a blanket. Since I'm still playing catch up (I'm almost caught up...almost) lol, I'll be sharing my struggle for the WNAC Day 19 - Dry Marble prompt.

Clairestelle8 Day 16 - Stars

Happy Friday!,

Are you excited about the weekend? I'm not excited per say I'm more just ready for the weekend so that I can try and relax a bit lol. Let's see if I actually get to do that. Well today I'll be sharing the nail art look I did for this the Clairestelle8 Day 16 - Stars prompt!

Clairestelle8 Day 13 - Gradient

Hey There!,

Only one more day until the weekend is here! Honestly I don't even know if I have any plans as yet but I'm always glad for when the weekends do roll around. Also I just want to send a HUGE thanks out to Amanda from MannasManis! She created my new blog banner and the watermark I'm using for my images. Today I've got a simple gradient to share. Let's get started!

WNAC Day 12 - Grid

Happy Wednesday!,

How has your week been so far? Honestly mine has been ridiculously busy. Remember how I told you that my daughter had injured her finger. Well on Tuesday I had to take her back to the hospital to get the temporary cast taken off and then the doctor said that because she's young and her bones are still not like adult bones that it actually had moved out of place instead of breaking and he had to pull her finger back in place. She cried and I cried, but she's okay now and has to keep a cast on for 3 weeks and then a splint for another 3 weeks. After that her finger should be healed! Anyway, lets take a look at today's nail art!

26 Great Nail Art Ideas Day 19 - Embellished/3D

Hey Loves!,

How's it going? Today I have to go and take little lady to get her cast taken off and get a splint put on her finger. From my understanding the offer waterproof ones which then would be that she would be able to continue on with her swimming lessons. So we'll see how that goes. This afternoon I'll be sharing my 26GNAI - Embellished/3D prompt!

Clairestelle8 Day 10 - Stone

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was alright busy although I didn't get to finish do everything that I needed too. Plus my daughter broke the bottom part of her pinky finger on her right hand and she's been dealing with it a lot better than I thought she would be to be honest. Anyway today I'll be sharing my mani for this months Clairestelle8 Challenge!

Mesh Stamping Nail Art + Tutorial

Happy Friday!,

Do you have any plans for the weekend?? I don't really have any plans besides to take the littlle one to her soccer and ballet practice. While trying to keep out of the snow as much as possible. So we shall see how that goes. Today I'll be sharing a mani that I've had in my photos for sometime now and didn't get to share until now. Keep reading for more!

L.A Colors Aqua Crystals Swatches & Review

Hey Lovelies!,

The week is almost over! We got some more snow last night which of course my daughter is excited about it whereas I'm over it now lol. This week on my blog has been full of swatches and I have yet another one to share with you! Lol. Let's take a look!

O.P.I Comet In The Sky Swatches & Review

Happy Hump Day!,

Yup! We're half way through the week already. Not only that, there's only 11 days left in January. To be honest I feel like the month JUST started. Lol. Well I will have my Watermarble Wednesdays post up for you all later but today I'll be sharing yet another swatch with you. I'm trying to get some of these off my phone since I've got so many edited nail art and swatch photos that are just sitting there lol. Here we go!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Perky Pink Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How's it going? I'm alright just a bit tired to be honestly. Today I'll be sharing another simple swatch with you. This time it's going to be from a polish that I've had in my stash for a while now but never did get around to sharing until now. I mean I've literally had this swatched for about a year now lol. Let's take a look!

Fiendish Fancies The Thirst Collection Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was good was able to get caught up on some thing's that I needed to be done. Not all but some lol. Either way today I'll be sharing my swatches of the Fiendish Fancies The Thirst Collection with you! Keep reading for more!

Each of the polishes did have a very smooth application with good coverage and drying time. I did find that Occido Lumen & The White did have a more sheer application than the others. Crimson Worm, Occido Lumen, and The White were fully opaque in three thin coats whereas Rat Catcher only needs two. All swatches are shown with a glossy top coat. 

Nail Crazies Unite Day 12 - Gold Snowflakes + Tutorial

Happy Friday!!,

Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am because seeing as this was the first week back for the little one plus a lot of her evening extracurricular classes started back this week so it's been getting back into a routine. So I'll be happy to be able to slow down a bit this weekend. To start this Friday off I'll be sharing this my mani for the Nail Crazies Unite Day 12 prompt! Keep reading for more!

Clairestelle8 Day 6 - Henna + Tutorial

Hey Lovelies!,

How are you? I'm alright a bit tired as today I had to take my little one to an appointment to see if she has any other allergies than the ones that I am aware of, then I had to take her back to school and then later this evening she has swimming lessons! Lol. Can we say busy? Well for today's post I'll be sharing the nail art that I did for this month's Clairestelle8 Day 6 - Henna prompt!

Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac & Pink

Happy Wednesday!,

Yup we're part way through the week already. I can't believe it to be honest. As I type this I can feel my eyes burning. I don't think I got enough sleep last night. Seeing as it's hump day that means that I have another Watermarble Wednesdays to share! Keep on reading for more!

WNAC Day 5 - Dotticure + Tutorial

Hey Loves!,

I hope all is well. I'm alright. I do have a bit of a headache plus my little one has basketball practice this evening after school. So I hope I am able to get rid of this before then. I hate having to do anything much less going anywhere when I can feel or have a bit of a headache. Anywho, today I have the first prompt for the WNAC Day 5 - Dotticure to show you!

26GNAI Day 5 - Metallic + One Colour + Tutorial

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was okay, busy. My daughter had her first soccer practice on Saturday and her first ballet practice yesterday. While we were leaving practice yesterday my tire blew and we had to wait on CAA for THREE HOURS. Plus it was really cold yesterday evening. Thank God there was a gas station near by. Anyway, today I have the 26GNAI Day 5 - Metallic + One Color prompt!

Press Release: Cupcake Polish Limited Edition Food For Unicorns Trio


Cupcake Polish Launches Limited Edition Food For Unicorons Trio Available January 8th

Cupcake Polish announces a fun new trio themed around everyone's favourite new trend - unicorns!! This trio features three gorgeous polishes that are packed full of shimmer and iridecsent goodness, perfect for those times when you just want to stand out!! All polishes in this trio are opaque in 2-3 coats. In addition to these three limited edition polishes, we are introducing a matching wax melt of the month from Ginger Fizz Boutique to go with this trio! This month's wax melt is called Food for unicorns and it is a fun bubblegum scent adorned with unicorn sprinkles. These polishes and the wax melt for this month are VERY limited in quantities!

Cupcake polishes are handmade, long-wearing, full coverage, and 5-free. Ginger Fizz Boutique wax melts are highly fragranced in a soy wax blend and are approximately 1.25oz.

Polishes are $13 each and the wax melt will retail for $2. These will be available at Polishes will be sold seperately or as a set with the matching wax melt for a discounted prie of $35. This collection launches on January 8th at 8PM CST.

Available Trio Colors:
  • Dark Unicorn - Burgundy jelly polish packed with a rainbow of multicolored iridescent flakies and gold shimmer.
  • Be Happy - Lilac creme polish packed with a rainbow of shimmers that shift from red to green to gold and more. 
  • Smile - Pink jelly polish packed with red to green shifting iridesecent glitter and a hint of blue shimmer.

Neon Yellow Stamping Nail Art + Tutorial

Happy Friday!,

I hope that you all have had a wonderful week! Mine was good and productive for the most part, besides my headache I had earlier in the week. I had an appointment to go to today and I wish I had cancelled it because it felt like -28 today. Any who today I have a simple stamping mani to share with you all! Keep reading for more.

Essie Jamaica Me Crazy Swatches & Review

Hey There!,

How's it going? As I type this I can feel a headache coming on. So I'm going to try and make this one quick and sweet. Today I'll be sharing this Essie polish that I've had swatched for some time now to share with you. Keep on reading for more!

Watermarble Wednesdays: Orange, Pink & Green + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

Can you believe that we're already through the first week of the year already? I hope that your week has been well thus far. Mine has been good. Trying to avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary. We're still getting ridiculous temperatures. Like today it's -16 and as it gets super cold and I have to go outside my knee gives more trouble than ever lol. Today I'll be sharing the first Watermarble Wednesdays of the month! Let's get started.

Smoosh With Reverse Stamping Nail Art

Hey Loves!,

How are you doing? I'm alright just trying to make sure I get everything in order this week before the little one goes back to school next week. I always feel like the breaks or holidays tend to just go by very quickly. Well, today I'll be sharing a mani that I've been meaning to post for some time now but just didn't get a chance too (as is the case with a lot of nail art that I end up doing) lol. Let's take a look!