Black & Pink Stamping


How's it going? I'm doing alright. I wasn't feeling well last night. But I feel slightly better than I did at the moment. Remember how I told you we had all that snow? Well, it melted lol. And now we will be getting some more between tomorrow and Friday. So we shall see how long that will stick around. Today I'll be sharing this quick and easy stamping mani that I did a good while ago😆😆!
I remember that I had swatched the base colour (which I haven't gotten around to sharing as yet either) and thinking to myself that I didn't want to just leave my nails like that. There are some colours that I don't mind wearing alone but for whatever reason, I don't like have just white or black nails. I have to have some type of nail art over them or it'll drive me nuts lol. With that being said I opted for this very detailed stamping image!

Polishes Used:

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