26GNAI Day 8 - Insects &/Bugs

Happy Monday!,

How are you doing? I'm alright can't complain. Just dreading the 5-10 cm of snow that we're supposed to be getting lol. But that's all part of winter I guess right? Well, I meant to have this post up last week but obviously, that didn't happen so here we are! Today I have the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Day 8 - Insects/Bugs prompt to share! 

I remember doing this mani and then I couldn't get them off fast enough lol. I actually have arachnophobia and for whatever reason, I am ALWAYS finding spiders randomly on a wall or something. As soon as the photos were taken for these I took them off lol. Even looking at them is making my skin crawl, and it's not even like they're all that defined lol.



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