Clairestelle8 November 2017 Day 26 - Geometric + Tutorial

Hi All!,

Yup I've got a post for you on a Sunday! Sundays are usually the day that I get myself prepared for the week and try to get my posts scheduled for the week. Keyword there is try lol. I know I usually don't post today unless I absolutely have too, but the last prompt for this months Clairestelle8 challenge falls today so I figured why not! Plus that means that I'm actually posting on time for once lol! Let's take a look.
For this prompt I decided that I was going to keep it straight forward and simple. Thank goodness that I actually own a stamping plate with some geometric images on it. I then picked out these two colours but was back and forth about using them and then the little one was very persistant that I use them. So I did! Lol. I think in the future I'll use this image to do some colourful reverse stamping.

Polishes Used:

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