December 2016 Monthly Mani Favourites

Hey Loves!,

How was your holidays? Mine was good. I'm still here just decided to take some time off of posting on social media. And I do feel refreshed and ready to start the new year off on the right foot! Well to be honest I'm over with 2016 and completely ecstatic that it's over! Here are this months Monthly Mani Favourites and the last one for the year! All the individual links can be found below! 

December 2016 Monthly Mani Favourites
  1. Challenge Your Nail Art Day 3 - Snowflakes 
  2. WNAC December 2016 Day 2 - Candy Canes
  3. Clairestelle8 Christmas 2016 Day 3 - Christmas Sweater
  4. Watermarble Wednesdays: Red & Green + Tutorial
  5. Clairestelle8 Christmas 2016 Day 6 - Snow & Ice
  6. Winter Nail Art Challenge Day 8 - Christmas Candy/Food
  7. Crumpet's Nail Tarts Day 9 - Christmas Preparations 
  8. Clairestelle8 Christmas 2016 Day 10 - Christmas Eats
  9. Winter Nail Art Challenge 2016 Day 12 - Wrapping Paper/Bows
  10. Clairestelle8 Christmas 2016 Day 13 - Santa & Friends
  11. Challenge Your Nail Art Day 15 - Gifts/Presents
  12. Watermarble Wednesdays: Dark Green & Gold + Tutorial

Do you have a favourite? Do you think that you will be participating in any nail art challenges in the new year? Happy New Lovers! 
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