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How have you been? I've been better honestly. From my dad being in the hospital, to my grandfather dying, then making last minute plans to make it to the funeral, and still dealing with school. I just feel blah. Lol. Well today I've got these gorgeous Diamond Glitters from The Sparkly Shop to show you! See more after the jump!

The Sparkly Shop Diamond Glitters

The Diamond Glitters come a small round container in dark pink, light pink & silver. There are enough glitters in here to last you some time. Down below you can see what the glitters look like inside and outside of the container.

The Sparkly Shop Diamond Glitters

The Sparkly Shop Diamond Glitters

I found these glitters very easy to use. When I saw them I initially was going to attempt doing a full glitter placement mani. Then I came to reality and remembered who I was and then settled for something a little less intimidating lol. These glitters would be a nice addition for anyone who loves doing nail art or anyone that loves doing glitter placement. These were amazing when I was in the sun but just couldn't get a decent shot outside!

The Sparkly Shop Diamond Glitters

The Sparkly Shop Diamond Glitters

Polishes Used:

Products/Tools Used:
  • Toothpick

Have you ever done a full glitter placement mani? Is this something you would add to your nail art collection? To keep up with The Sparkly Shop  follow them on their social media links down below!

*Diamond Glitters were provided to me by The Sparkly Shop for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in anyway*

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