Born Pretty Store Plaid Water Decals

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How has your week been so far? Mine has been okay. Just home with the little one seeing as she still has this cold and a fever. I hate when she's sick :(. Today I have some more water decals from Born Pretty Store to share with you. These would probably have to be my least favorite from them. You can see why after the jump! 

Born Pretty Store Plaid Water Decals

The decals arrived in this super cute packaging which was in one of those plastic seals. Below you can see what it looks like once it is out of the packaging.

Born Pretty Store Plaid Water Decals

Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Okay so now here's my failed attempt at trying to use these. For some reason I figured that I could get away with using these without a base color. That was my mistake because they're actually a lot more sheer than what I was expecting. Lesson learnt. I used these the exact same way I've used other water decals but these ones didn't want to cooperate with me at all. I didn't find them to me as flexible as the other water decals that I've used before and then they didn't want to smooth out nicely either. I don't know maybe it was just me.

Born Pretty Store Plaid Water Decals

Maybe I'll give these another try in the future with a different plaid pattern to see if maybe it was the set that I got or just horrible luck for me this day. 

Born Pretty Store has a very wide range of nail art and nail art tools. You can use my code SAFK31 to get 10% off of your purchase,

Have you tried these water decals before? Did they work out better for you than they did for me? Let me know!

*Plaid Water Decals were provided to me by Born Pretty Store for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way*

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