Vertical Gradient

Hey Polishers!,

It's still really gloomy outside and the weather kind of makes me want to just sleep in all day. Does the rain do that to you too? I could just sleep all day in weather like this. I have this very pretty vertical gradient to show you. Would you believe that this is the first time that I've ever done a vertical gradient? I'm really loving how this turned out. I should do some more vertical gradients in the near future! Let's take a look at the design.

Vertical Gradient
Sinful Colors On The Bright Side

I love these two colors together and how well they blended. I would use these colors for some watermarble nail art. I also added some lovely China Glaze Fairy Dust just to add a little bit more umph! See how warm and beautiful this looks? This is what I want outside to feel like lol.
Vertical Gradient
China Glaze Fairy Dust

Sinful Colors Thimbleberry 

Vertical Gradient

Polishes Used:

What did you think of this vertical gradient? Have you ever done a vertical gradient? Do you even like gradients? Lol! Let's chat below.

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  1. yes, it is raining in Europe , 7 days , owfull weather .
    but i like so much this vertical gradient ! so worm and lovely look !

    1. Oh man! That's a long time for rain. Thank you Bubica!


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