Sunset Gradient With Stamping

Hey Everyone!,

How's it going? Did anyone do anything exciting over the weekend? I just took my daughter to that party I was telling you about, and I got to see my long time friend who I haven't gotten to see since 2013 (she's back and forth from Trinidad). It was so nice catching up with her. We're definitely going to have to hang out some more before she leaves again in November!

Anyway enough of my non nail rambling. Today I have a beautiful Sunset Gradient With Stamping to share with you. I actually wasn't going for a sunset gradient but that's how it came out with the colors that I chose lol. Let's take a look shall we.

Orly Adrenaline Rush Sunset Gradient With Stamping

So I'm going to pat myself on the back because I am extremely pleased with how this gradient turned out. Yay me!!

Orly Adrenaline Rush Gradient With Stamping

For the stamping I had to do a double stamping because my nails were just a tad bit too long for the image but I really like how it turned out. I love it over the gradient as well. I have now found a new love for stamping so don't be surprised if you see nail art with it more often lol.

Orly Adrenaline Rush Gradient With Stamping

I just really am liking this mani. I may have to recreate this one and do some palm trees and a sun or something.

Orly Adrenaline Rush Gradient

Orly Adrenaline Rush Gradient With Stamping

Here's the plate that I used for the stamping. I used the image at the bottom right hand corner.

Bundle Monster Polynesia BM-XL111 Stamping Plate

Bundle Monster Polynesia BM-XL111 Stamping Plate

Polishes Used:

Products Used:

I hope that you all enjoyed this design as much as I did. Do you like gradients? How many stamping plates do you own? Let's talk below!


  1. That gradient is perfect. Love the stamping too.

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  3. That gradient is perfection! It does look like a sunset. I hadn't seen that plate before, there's a lot of great designs on it.

    1. Thank you:D. I actually purchased this one off of Bundle Monsters website. I bought the 5 pc set.


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