Harlow & Co. Haul

Hello Polish Lovers,

How are you doing on this fine Saturday? I'm okay just a little bit tired. The weather is pretty nice today so I do plan on going back outside a bit later. Today I will be sharing with you another one my hauls that I did from Harlow & Co. I recently stumbled upon this site and I love it. They carry a lot of main stream brands as well as A LOT of indie polish brands AND they ship internationally! They are located in Canada. If you live in Canada you get free shipping once you spend $25.00 or more, for the United States it's $50.00 or more and internationally it's $100.00 or more! Lets take a look at what I purchased.

Harlow & Co. Haul
China Glaze Desert Escape Collection
China Glaze Desert Escape Collection
I was able to snatch these lovely polishes up from there website. I can't wait to share them with you. Swatches and review should be up on Monday. From left to right;
  • What's She Dune?
  • Rain Dance The Night Away
  • Don't Mesa With My Heart
  • The Heat Is On
  • Meet Me In The Mirage 
  • Don't Desert Me
A England Crown Of Thistles & Avalon

I have heard nothing but good reviews about indie polish A England polishes that I just had to pick up two of them to try. Who knows maybe there will be more added to my collection. I'm already in love with these and I haven't event tried them out yet. From left to right:

  • Crown Of Thistles 
  • Avalon

Do you own the China Glaze Desert Escape Collection? Do you own any A England polishes? Any ones that I should try? Lets talk!


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