Mix & Match Ombré Tutorial

Hello fellow polishers,

I'm excited that Monday is Victoria Day (here in Canada) and that means I get to go and see some fireworks! I just love fireworks. I'm like a big kid sometimes I swear lol. My daughter on the other hand was quite scared last year when we went to watch the fireworks, She cried the whole time. So I am not to sure if she's going to want to go and watch them this year.

Anyways here's the tutorial for the Mix & Match Ombré nails that you can find here along with any products and or polishes that were used.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply base colour (I usually use white to help the colours pop) and allow to dry thoroughly (or you can use a fast drying top coat to assist with this)
  3. Use Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier (or whatever you may have available) around cuticles to help with clean up
  4. Paint two colours of your choice on a latex free cosmetic wedge as shown above
  5. Sponge onto nail
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have desired opacity 
  7. Remove Simply Peel Latex Barrier (or whatever you used)
  8. Remove any excess polish from around the cuticles using a brush gently dipped in pure acetone
  9. Apply a fast drying top coat and allow to dry
  10. Use China Glaze Fairy Dust
  11. Apply fast drying top coat
Nail Vinyls & Studs
  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply base colour of your choice and allow to dry thoroughly (or you could use a fast drying top)
  3. Place nail vinyls as shown above
  4. Using second colour of choice, apply polish over nail vinyls
  5. While polish is still wet quickly remove nail vinyls
  6. Clean up any polish around the cuticles using a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  7. Apply fast drying top coat!

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