Marc Jacobs Dot Tutorial

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Okay no seriously where has the week gone!? I can't believe that it's Saturday already! I hope everyone did have an awesome week and hopefully had just as nice weather as I did. Here's the video tutorial for the Marc Jacob Dot Nails that I did earlier this week. I was going to post this yesterday but outside was just way too nice. Any polishes and or products that I used can be found here. Enjoy!!

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Apply your base coat and allow to dry
  2. Paint four of your nails red and one black and allow to dry 
  3. Apply fast drying top coat
  4. Using a dotting tool, toothpick, end of a paint brush, (whatever you have available) create black dots on the nails that are red (and red dots on the nails that are black) as shown above 
  5. Use a fast drying top coat to help speed up the drying time
  6. Using striping tape or nail vinyls apply them one one of the nails that are red as shown above
  7. Apply gold polish over the area that the nail vinyls or striping tape is placed
  8. While polish is still wet quickly remove nail vinyl or striping tape
  9. Use fast drying top coat and you're finished!
What did you think of this tutorial? Do you like or own any of Marc Jacobs perfumes?

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