Chevron On Chevron/Ballet Slippers Tutorial

Happy Friday!!

For once on a Friday my post is being posted when I want it too! The past few Fridays when I have tried to upload my post it just wasn't happening. Either something came up or my computer was being all weird. But things are going according to my plan today so yay me! Lol.

What I'm sharing with you today is the tutorial for that super easy chevron on chevron/ballet slippers nail art that I shared with you recently which can be found here.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Polish on base color of your choice and allow to dry (fast drying top coat may be used to help assist with this)
  3. Place single chevron skinnies nail vinyls as shown above
  4. Using your second and third colors of choice apply polish as shown above
  5. While polish is still wet, quickly remove nail vinyls
  6. Apply fast drying top coat and you're finished!

See pretty easy wasn't it!

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