Simple French Manicure With Studs Tutorial

I guess technically there's no need for tutorial for something like this. But I made one anyways just in case any one needed one :) You're welcome!!  For any of the polishes and or products that were used you can find them here. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

  1. Apply base coat of your choosing and allow to dry thoroughly. (For this design I applied a dry fast top coat to help with this)
  2. Apply polish to the tips of your nails only and allow to dry (it doesn't have to be perfect seeing as you will cover the line up with the studs, but I used a French Tip Nail Vinyl just to try it out)
  3. Clean up any excess polish that you may have around your cuticles with a brush dipped lightly in pure acetone
  4. Apply dry fast top coat
  5. While polish is still wet and using a toothpick, dotting tool etc. apply studs to nails at the bottom of the tip of your nail as shown above (you can use glue to apply studs to nails instead of just the top coat but I prefer that method)
  6. Apply dry fast top coat around the studs to help keep them in place and then you're finished!!!

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