Watermelon Nails Using China Glaze Seeing Red

Hey everyone! This is the first time since I've fallen in love with nail art that I've attempted to fruit nails. First up is watermelon nails!! Not bad for a beginner right? I also choose this design because I was going to be leaving my vacation in Barbados to go back home to the treacherous cold weather of Canada. So I wanted something to remind me of my vacation as well as the warmth that I would be missing out on:(.

On another note I also wanted to share with you guys how absolutely amazing this red is from China Glaze The Giver Collection. I mean this red is absolutely amazing and is remarkably pretty. It is very creamy and applies smoothly without any streaks. I got it to be this opaque with one thin coat. In this picture there is no top coat on.

Look at that! Tell me that's not beautiful. I think that this is going to be my new favorite and go to red. Now here is the picture of the watermelon nails that I did.

Polishes Used:
  • O.P.I.: Original Nail Envy (base coat)
  • China Glaze: Seeing Red (red)
  • Sinful Colors: Exotic Green (darker green)
  • Nina Ultra Pro: Lime Light (bright green)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White On #300 (white)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Black Out #370 (black)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Dry Fast Top Coat


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