IMATS Nail Polish Haul!

Here is a close up of all the polishes that I bought while I was IMATS. I actually had to stop myself from going back to the nail polish section of IMATS if not I would have tried to buy the whole store!

  • Essie: Style Hunter (red)
  • Essie: Ruffles & Feathers (green)
  • Essie: Saturday Disco Fever (orange)
  • Essie: Super Bossa Nova (pink)
  • Essie: Strut Your Stuff (blue)
  • Essie: Jamaica Me Crazy (purple) 

  • China Glaze: Sun Worshiper (golden yellow)
  • China Glaze: Kiwi Cool-Ada (neon green)
  • China Glaze: Tart-y For The Party (lilac)
  • China Glaze: Peonies & Park Ave (neon pink)
  • China Glaze: Beach Cruise-r (pink)
  • China Glaze: At Vase Value (baby blue)

  • O.P.I.: Be Magental With Me (magenta)
  • O.P.I.: Don't Violet Me Down (violet)
  • O.P.I.: I'm Never Amberrassed (amber)
  • O.P.I.: I  Can Teal You Like Me (teal)
  • O.P.I.: Race Red (red)
  • O.P.I.: Girls Love Ponies (pink)

Polishes (top-bottom;left-right):
  • Essie: Exotic Liras (red)
  • Essie: Madison Ave-Hue (pink)
  • Essie: Watermelon (red)
  • Essie: No Boundaries (purple)
  • Essie: Escapades (red)
  • Essie: Strut Your Stuff (blue)

  • China Glaze: Liquid Leather (black)
  • China Glaze: Fairy Dust (glitter)
  • China Glaze: Sexy In The City (blue)
  • China Glaze: Reggae To Riches (purple)

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