Remeber how I was venting about how AWESOME IMATS is?? Well here is what I got while I was there. I'm definitely going to be going this year when the time comes. In this picture is what I was able to get for myself. There are a few things missing which I had gotten for my mom. She was so excited about them that she didn't even give me a chance to get a picture of them.

  • Morphe: 35S Smokey Palette
  • Morphe :35B Glam Palette 
  • Glow Essentials: Glowette Earth Palette
  • Lashes:Nigel Beauty Emporium
  • Nail Polishes: Essie, China Glaze, O.P.I.
  • Lipstick & Glitter: Yazi Cosmetics
  • Manicure Book

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