First Attempt At Chevron

I remember seeing this design floaitng around instagram and the internet. I kept wondering how people were able to get the design on their nails to be completely even and straight. Then I found out that you could use nail vinyls to create such said design.

There are quite a few different website that you can get nail vinyls from to create designs on your nails. The one website where I usually purchase my products from are from @teismom (on instagram). The link to her website where you could purchase the nail vinyls from is Nail Vinyls.

Polishes Used:
  • O.P.I.: Original Nail Envy (base coat)
  • Nicole By O.P.I.: Listen To Your Momager (blue)
  • Nicole By O.P.I.: Brilliant Idea (gold)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Dry Fast Top Coat

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