Essie Resort Collection 2015 Swatches & Review

I recently ordered the Essie Resort 2015 collection which they come out with every year, but of course each year is different. I know that right about now I wish I could escape from this cold and be somewhere warm, don't you? The colors in this collection will help to play to that imagination.

The Essie Resort 2015 Collection includes four colors. From left to right:
  • Time For Me Time
  • Cocoa Karma
  • Stones N' Roses
  • Suite Retreat

Time For Me Time

This colour for me personally isn't a color that I would automatically reach for. Time For Me Time is a soft milky pink that has an appealing pearl hue. It's a extremely difficult to capture on camera, but at the right angle and in the right light it's absolutely stunning. This color can be a tiny bit more difficult to apply, be sure to have a thin amount of polish on your brush and apply a few brush strokes. The formula is a lot thinner than the other Cocoa Karma, Stones N' Roses & Suite Retreat.  The photos below show full opacity with three coats.

You can slightly see the pearl hue I mentioned above in this photo.

Cocoa Karma

Okay I must say that I'm in love with this colour. Again Cocoa Karma is one of those colours that I would see and personally wouldn't be my first choice. Cocoa Karma is a mild chocolate color that reminds me of the colour of hot chocolate (mmm! I could definitely go for some now!!). The application is so creamy you almost don't need to apply a second coat! The formula is very smooth helps to make the application process even easier. I was able to full opacity in two coats.

Stones N' Roses

Stones N' Roses just doesn't disappoint. Just looking at the color from the bottle it's appealing. In my opinion Stones N' Roses is a salmon pink. Just like Cocoa Karma, Stones N' Roses application is remarkably creamy and smooth that you (yet again!) almost don't need a second coat! This color is beautiful for the spring or summer. For fully opacity I used two coats

Suite Retreat

Last but not least is Suite Retreat. This colour is  unquestionably stunning!! I fell in love with it from the moment that I saw it. Suite Retreat actually reminds me of the color indigo. This is a colour that could be worn all year round. Of course like Cocoa Karma & Stones N' Roses; Suite Retreat is yet another (yep! it really is) one of the polishes from this collection that can almost be applied with full opacity with just one coat. The formula is simply to die for. AMAZING!!

All in all the collection is worth it. I don't see any of these colours not looking positively gorgeous on everyone! The Essie Resort 2015 Collection has the perfect colors to help you get your mind off of this dreadful cold weather (if you live in Toronto like I do). This collection does not disappoint! 

*Polishes were purchased by me for my own personal review*

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