Zoya New Year New Hue Haul

Finally!!! My order from the Zoya New Year New Hue promotion that they had going on earlier in January has finally arrived!!

This sale was too awesome to pass up. You were able to get three polishes for FREE, as well as they would send you three mystery polishes! So that's a total of six POLISHES!! So what I ended up doing was buying nine. I paid for three and got the six polishes for free!!

Polishes top row:
  • Mini Severine
  • Mini Anais
  • Mini Charlott
Polishes bottom row:
  • Melanie
  • Hope
  • Kerry
  • Sarah
  • Julieanne
  • Tart

Leopard Print With Essie Time For Me Time Tutorial

Goodnight everyone! This here is going to be the tutorial for the easy peasy lemon squeezy leopard print nails that I did the other day. For any of the products and or polishes that were used, you can see them here.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Apply base coat of your choice
  2. Apply the base colour of your choosing and allow it to dry thoroughly 
  3. Place two pieces of super skinny nail vinyls or striping tape (which ever you own) as shown above
  4. Using the second colour of your choice paint your nails as shown above
  5. Remove remove super skinny nail vinyl or striping tape quickly!
  6. Clean up any excess polish from around your cuticles using a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  7. Apply dry fast top coat and allow to dry
  8. Using your dotting tool and your third colour of choice place some dots randomly as done above
  9. Using the smaller end of your dotting tool or just a smaller sized dotting tool in general (can also be done using a toothpick), create c's around the dots that were previously made using black
  10. Add some smaller dots in between the larger dots that are currently there
  11. Apply your fast drying top coat and your finished!! Yay!!!!

Leopard Print With Essie Time For Me Time

After doing all of my swatches & reviews for the Essie Resort 2015 Collection which can be found here. I used Time For Me Time from the collection as my base and did a quick and easy design.
Yes I did some LEOPARD PRINT!! I feel like I haven't done this design in a while. Have you ever had one of those designs that looked great in your head but then you do it and it didn't quite turn out how you had imagined? Well that's what happened with this design. But oh well, happens to the best of us right?

Lilac Leopard Print Nail Art Using Essie Time For Me Time
Also what do you guys think of my new backdrop? Just trying out some new things

Essie Resort Collection 2015 Swatches & Review

I recently ordered the Essie Resort 2015 collection which they come out with every year, but of course each year is different. I know that right about now I wish I could escape from this cold and be somewhere warm, don't you? The colors in this collection will help to play to that imagination.

The Essie Resort 2015 Collection includes four colors. From left to right:
  • Time For Me Time
  • Cocoa Karma
  • Stones N' Roses
  • Suite Retreat

Half Moon & Dots Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the half moon & dots/cute Easter eggs ha-ha. All of the tools, polishes I used etc. are listed here.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Apply base coat of your choice
  2. Paint your the nails with the base color that you choose and allow to completely dry. You can use a dry fast top coat to assist with this
  3. Apply a reinforcement sticker (you know the circular sticky things you keep in your binder in case your paper rips??? Yah that!!) Press down on the edges of the reinforcement so that no polish seeps under
  4. Apply the second selected color of your choice above the reinforcement
  5. Peel off the reinforcement while polish is still wet. If you attempt to do this while the polish is dry you will ruin your design
  6. Clean up any polish that may be on your cuticles with a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  7. Apply fast drying top coat and allow to dry
  8. Using your base color that you started with and a dotting tool, hair pin, end of a paint brush etc. create dots on the area where you applied you second color of choice
  9. Apply any glitter/shimmer polish that you have along the line where the two colors meet (so your first color of choice and your second color of choice) using a dotting tool,tooth pick, paint brush etc.
  10. Apply fast drying top coat and that's it!

Half Moon & Dots

Nope it's not another valentines day themed nail design. Nuh uh. All the lovey dovey stuff is over with now. Onto the next.

When I initially did this design I wasn't even sure what to call it. So I decided that I would call it  half moon and dots ☺.Then someone mentioned to me that they kind of look like cute Easter bunny eggs....So I guess we can call this half moon and dots or cute Easter bunny egg???. Whatever floats your boat.

On to the design...

Ombré Valentines Day Tutorial

Here's another valentines day tutorial for all of you lovers out there. Or just for the girls who want to have cute nails for valentines day :D


  1. Apply your base coat
  2. Paint 3 of your fingers with your base color (I usually use white for ombré or watermarble) and one of your nails the selected color of your choice. Allow polish to dry thoroughly or apply a dry fast top coat to assist with this
  3. Apply Elmers Glue, O.P.I. Glitter Off, Liquid Palisade (whatever you have) around your cuticles and allow to dry
  4. Paint the two colors of your choice on a latex free sponge
  5. Sponge onto nail
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have desired opacity 
  7. Remove Elmers glue (or whatever you used)
  8. Remove any excess polish fromo around the cuticles using a brush gently dipped in pure acetone
  9. Apply a fast drying top coat and allow 10-15 minutes to dry
  10. Apply any holographic/glitter polish of your desire
  11. Apply fast drying top coat! Then your finished!

Valentines Day Ombré

This one is for all the love birds and lovers out there! Another valentines day design. What did you guys do for valentines day? Did anyone get wined and dined? Has anyone ever wondered how come there's so much fuss over valentines day and it's only one day?

Oh well. On another note this design is very quick and easy to do especially if you were going to do your nails before you went on your hot date :P

Single Chevron Valentines Tutorial

How is everyone doing? I actually should be sleeping but decided that I would at least attempt to post this tutorial before I go to sleep; have an 8 a.m  class in the morning.

Please forgive me for the angle that this was recorded at. This was only my second time attempting to to record a video. You can only get better with practice right? For any polishes and or products that were use to create this design please click here.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Start by applying your base coat
  2. Apply the base color of your choice and let it dry completely. I tend to use a dry fast top coat to assist with this.
  3. Place the nail vinyl in the center of your nail and push the edges down. This will make sure that no polish seeps under the nail vinyl.
  4. Apply your second color of choice below the nail vinyl.
  5. Apply your third color of choice above the nail vinyl
  6. Peel off nail vinyl while polish is still wet. If not you could ruin your design
  7. Clean up any polish around your cuticles using a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone (I know most people would rather not use pure acetone but it helps to make the clean up processes faster).
  8. Apply your dry fast top coat and  then your finished!

Single Chevron Valentines Manicure

As everyone knows February claims to be the month of love because that's when valentines day falls. Personally I believe that valentines day should be everyday, but that's a different topic for another day. Usually when people see the colors red, white, and pink together they tend to relate it to valentines day. Isn't it nice when you have that someone special that you can wine & dine all that fine stuff?

Side Note: The pink that I used from Essie Madison Ave-Hue is absolutely georgous

Any who dolls, I decided to do this very cute and simple design seeing as valentines day (at the time) wasn't too far away. There will be a step-by-step tutorial up for this under the Tutorials Tab on my blog:)

Watermarble with Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink

Hey guys. My life has been a bit chaotic for the past year and a bit. I have always asked my mom to let me do her nails so that I would have someone else to practice on but she was never in the mood. But lately things seem to have been looking up and she is starting to let me use her along with myself and whoever else to practice on!!

She didn't really have anything specific that she had wanted me to do with her nails so I just went with the flow.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black & White Watermarble Tutorial

Hey everyone! Okay so this is the first time that I ever tried making a video. Turns out I ended up creating a youtube account although that wasn't my plan at the moment. But it does make it easier to upload videos onto my blog using it. For polishes and products used click here

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Start by applying a base coat to your nails
  2. Once base coat is dry apply white nail polish as you base color (you can use the lightest color of the colors that you will be marbling with, but I prefer white because it helps the colors to pop)
  3. Allow nails to dry thoroughly or use a dry fast top coat to assist with this
  4. Apply Elmer's Glue, Glitter Off by O.P.I. Liquid Palisade, Tape etc. (whatever you may have available) around the cuticle of your nail to help with an easier and faster clean up
  5. Start adding drops of polish(you have to move quickly if not polish will dry) into the bowl of water (water should be room temperature if not the polish will dry faster than you would like) the order that you desire (newer nail polish is easier to watermarble with; if not just add some nail polish thinner to assist with this)
  6. Start creating a design with a toothpick, needle, dotting tool etc. (again whatever you have available) but start the design from about the 4-5 inner ring. If you start directly from the most outer ring the design will pull because those that ring would have dried already 
  7. Once you have the desired design dip finger in the water at a 45 degree angle
  8. While finger is still in the water start to gently blow on the water while using a cotton swab, tooth pick, dotting tool etc. to clean up excess polish around the nail
  9. Slow bring finger out of water at the same angle that it went in
  10. Using tweezers remove product that you have around you finger
  11. Using a brush (I purchased mine from @joliepolish on instagram. The link to her store is in her profile) dipped in pure acetone (helps to make the clean up process faster), clean up around your cuticles.
  12. Apply dry fast top coat & then your finished!

Jamberry Nail Wrap

Before I went on vacation I was offered to try a sample of Jamberry Nail Wraps from @sapna_monique (on instagram). Well I completely forgot to pack the sample wrap with me so I had to wait until I got back to try it.

Now I'm usually not a big fan of the nail wraps. I've tried the O.P.I. ones and it just didn't work out well for me at all. The Jamberry Wrap that I did try however was very simple and easy to use. It's pretty much like a sticker that you can apply onto the nail, leave on for however long you desire and take it off again. The instructions require you to start with a clean nail with no base coat on and you don't need to apply a top coat either.

 In the picture below my accent nail is the one that has the Jamberry Wrap on it.

Watermelon Nails Using China Glaze Seeing Red

Hey everyone! This is the first time since I've fallen in love with nail art that I've attempted to fruit nails. First up is watermelon nails!! Not bad for a beginner right? I also choose this design because I was going to be leaving my vacation in Barbados to go back home to the treacherous cold weather of Canada. So I wanted something to remind me of my vacation as well as the warmth that I would be missing out on:(.

On another note I also wanted to share with you guys how absolutely amazing this red is from China Glaze The Giver Collection. I mean this red is absolutely amazing and is remarkably pretty. It is very creamy and applies smoothly without any streaks. I got it to be this opaque with one thin coat. In this picture there is no top coat on.

3D Looking Triangles

When I was on vacation I had realized that I didn't really use much bright colors on my nails. So then this is what happened. To tell you the truth I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with my nails when I started using the nail vinyls, but I just kept going and this is what happened. Yay me!!

It's really neat how the triangles look like they almost have a 3D effect and that they're not all the same size.

Happy New Years!!!

Did everyone enjoy their New Years? I know that I sure did. It's always nice to spend these kid of holidays with the ones you love, family, especially the family that you don't get to see often. How did you guys ring in the new years?

Here's the design I did before I went out with my cousin for new years eve. They kind of remind me of fire works and who doesn't love to watch the fireworks right?


I hope that everyone did have a very wonderful Christmas last year. My Christmas was good. I was able to go on a little vacation with my family. The unfortunate thing that happened was that I forgot my phone and my jacket at the airport at security. I was so annoyed and devastated. I couldn't believe that I left my stuff in Toronto. The lucky thing about all of that was that I was able to get both my jacket and phone back!! Thank God.

I did some easy peasy festive nails for Christmas. Another set of color combos that will never fail to remind me of Christmas is red and white, red and green, or red,green, and white. To me that instantly screams Christmas.

Christmas Is Going To Be Here Before You Know It!

Well I guess that title should read Christmas has came and gone now shouldn't it??? But it doesn't and you want to know why?? Because I am bringing my blog up to date. So too bad so sad. :)

I remember doing this design the weekend before my exams started. I was counting down the days left until the holidays started. Anytime that I see the colors red & gold together it instantaneously reminds me of the Christmas Holidays. They're just such festive colors and look beautiful once combined together.

Stamping....Touched For The Very First Time!!

Okay so I'm not sure why that Madonna song is even stuck in my head. I didn't hear it today, didn't listen to it at any point this week....so...I don't know.

Anyways I decided to give stamping a try after ordering all of those stamping plates from Born Pretty Store. What also gave me motivation to finally attempt stamping is seeing all of the wicked tricks on instagram that could be done with stamping. Enough of me blabbing. Here you go.

IMATS Nail Polish Haul!

Here is a close up of all the polishes that I bought while I was IMATS. I actually had to stop myself from going back to the nail polish section of IMATS if not I would have tried to buy the whole store!

  • Essie: Style Hunter (red)
  • Essie: Ruffles & Feathers (green)
  • Essie: Saturday Disco Fever (orange)
  • Essie: Super Bossa Nova (pink)
  • Essie: Strut Your Stuff (blue)
  • Essie: Jamaica Me Crazy (purple) 


Remeber how I was venting about how AWESOME IMATS is?? Well here is what I got while I was there. I'm definitely going to be going this year when the time comes. In this picture is what I was able to get for myself. There are a few things missing which I had gotten for my mom. She was so excited about them that she didn't even give me a chance to get a picture of them.

  • Morphe: 35S Smokey Palette
  • Morphe :35B Glam Palette 
  • Glow Essentials: Glowette Earth Palette
  • Lashes:Nigel Beauty Emporium
  • Nail Polishes: Essie, China Glaze, O.P.I.
  • Lipstick & Glitter: Yazi Cosmetics
  • Manicure Book


I remember doing this design for my daughter because she wanted my nails to match outside. It had just lightly started snowing when she put in her request. It was a bit difficult to get the image from the stamping plate to transfer onto the nail because the nail polish wasn't thick enough for the stamping. But for her I would do anything. Anyways all in all she was extremely excited when I showed her my  nails.


For the past two years now since I've been in my current program at school I've gone to IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show). I honestly don't know what hole I've been living in that I didn't even know what IMATS was until then. It is absolute HEAVEN!

You get really good deals on big name brands and you get to see everyone showoff their talent. I can't wait for IMATS to come around this year. I'm going without a doubt, no questions asked. If you've never heard of it, look it up and see if they will be in your area or somewhere that is close to you. Just try to make sure that you get there early if you do decide to go because the line to get in is ALWAYS LONG and the lines inside get worse once the day goes on.

Anyways enough with my rant about how AWESOME IMATS is. Here are the nails that I did for the event. I wanted something bold & bright.

Polishes Used:
  • O.P.I.: Original Nail Envy (base coat)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: White On (base color;white)
  • L.A. Colors: Spat! (orange)
  • L.A. Colors: Aquatic (blue)
  • Nina Ultra Pro: Opal Elegance 
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Dry Fast Top Coat

Products Used:

I Love A Sale

Don't you just love walking into Sally's Beauty Supply and seeing some of the polishes that they have on sale???  It's Even better when you walk into Dollarama(if you live in Canada)and see that they have a new shipment of some of your favorite brands like Essie, Nicole By O.P.I., O.P.I. etc. for $3.00?? I know that I sure do!!

I went into Sally's and saw a few colors from the China Glaze The Giver Collection & could resist scooping up the colors that were there. The Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear & the Nicole By O.P.I. were found at the local dollarama in my area.


  • China Glaze: Seeing Red (red)
  • China Glaze: The Outer Edge (glitter)
  • China Glaze: Five Rules (beige)
  • China Glaze: Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage (grey)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Pink Satin
  • Nicole By O.P.I.: Lemon-Lime Twist

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!!

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The WAAAAYYYYYY!! Okay so I know that we're in February now but forgive me. I'm still getting all caught up with nail art seeing as I only started by blog this month. Any who I love how this design turned out.

The colors were perfect for getting me into and ready for the Christmas spirit and the Christmas holidays. I just love the holidays. The smell of food being prepared, spending time with family, snow on the ground, getting the house decorated, putting up the tree, wrapping gifts for my daughter. Everything!!!!!!

Color Blocking.With Studs

Hey guys!! This here is a color blocking design with some studs (clearly by the title). At the time that I did this the weather was still very gloomy and the colors matched perfectly for it . I love how a lot of designs from years ago get recycled. For example color blocking dates back to the 1960's!!

Polishes Used:
  • O.P.I.: Original Nail Envy (base coat)
  • Essie: Grow Stronger
  • China Glaze: Coconut Kiss (purple)
  • Essie: Trombone (red)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Pacific Blue #420 (blue; don't like this formulation. has a horrible scent to it)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Dry Fast Top Coat

Products Used:
  • Studs: Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Kit 

Simple & Cute

I love this design because even though it's simple, it's still cute. It's a very quick design to do in case you're in a hurry or whatever the case maybe. It can also has a very elegant look to it as well.

Who Doesn't Love Leopard Print

Leopard print is such an a quick and easy design to do on your nails. I love doing it because you can use any color combination and it will work. You can do the design on one nail, all nails, two nails, the whole nail, top of the nail, going down the side of the nail etc. There are so many varieties and options.

This design was inspired by the very talented @modnails (on instagram).

Don't You Just Love When Items You Ordered Arrive!!!!

Sometime last year ( I think it may have been in August; but I can't quite remember) Born Pretty Store was having this huge anniversary sale. They were selling products literally for $0.01. Yes you heard me $0.01!!!!!!!! They only had a limited amount that was going to be sold for that price and once all of them were gone the item would go back up to the regular price, so you had to be quick.

Needless to say I was able to get a few things and was overly excited when I had finally received them in the mail. 

Products (from top to bottom; left to right):
  • 1mm-2mm Mixed Nail Art Glitter Decoration Colorful Mini Round Thin Palette Design #15085
  • 200pcs Punk Metal Square Star Drop Mix Studs Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration W/Box #7277
  • 400pcs 2mm Neon Round Stud Rhinestones Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration W/Box #7217
  • 2pcs/Set Practical Stamping Nail Art Stamper & Scraper #15851
  • Charming Spring Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Born Pretty 24 #17203
  • Ocean Theme Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Born Pretty 23 #17204
  • Cartoon Star Pattern Nail Art Stamp Image Plate Template Born Pretty 06 #16853
  • Rose Queen Theme Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Born Pretty 25 #17202
  • Star Fish & Shell Theme Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Born Pretty 10 #16857

Cotton Candy Watermarble

Now looking back at this picture I now realize how much this color combo reminds me so much of cotton candy. I know initially when I chose the two colors I wasn't sure about how they were going to turn out. But that's what it's all about sometimes right? Trial and error. And yes of course it's another WATERMARBLE!!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness

We all know someone or know of someone that has had cancer. It is a very difficult disease to deal with. It effects us all whether you know someone that has had it or even if you've had it yourself. I couldn't even imagine what people have to go through when dealing with it. Everyone that has to deal with any type of caner and or disease is absolutely strong & amazing in my eyes!

I did this manicure to show respect for the women that may have had or that do have breast cancer.

First Attempt At Chevron

I remember seeing this design floaitng around instagram and the internet. I kept wondering how people were able to get the design on their nails to be completely even and straight. Then I found out that you could use nail vinyls to create such said design.

There are quite a few different website that you can get nail vinyls from to create designs on your nails. The one website where I usually purchase my products from are from @teismom (on instagram). The link to her website where you could purchase the nail vinyls from is Nail Vinyls.

Leopard Print..Again....with...OMBRÉ!!

Yes I did leopard print nails again. Why? Because I felt like it. Also because of how fun and easy they are to do. This time around I did them with some ombré. Don't the two colors just look absolutely beautiful together? At first I was a bit unsure about how they would turn out but ended up falling in love with the design.

Here's what they looked like in the daytime:

Leopard Print & Half Moon

Here is a little mix & match mani for you guys! This was the first time that I had ever tried to do the leopard print design. It's actually not as hard as I thought. They turned out cute huh? I really like how they look matte. I'm not usually a fan of matte polishes but this may have made me cross over to the other side..

Birthday Surprise!!

So um first off I would like to say that I have the GREATEST aunt in the world!! I remember coming home the day after my birthday to find all of these polishes laid out on my bed EXACTLY as they are in the photo with a note from my aunt beside them! Isn't it nice when you have people that support what you're into?!?!!?

Polishes(from left to right):
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Pep-Plum #230
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Black Out #370
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Mellow Yellow #360
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Hot Tamle #170
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Strobe Light #200
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Rock Star Pink #140
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Blue Me Away #130
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Sea-Ing Stars #285
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Jazzy Jade #280
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Pucker Up #175
  • L.A. Colors: Flicker
  • L.A. Colors: Black Pearl
  • L.A. Colors: Magnetic Force
  • L.A. Colors: Confetti
  • L.A. Colors: Candy Sprinkles
  • L.A. Colors: Aquatic
  • L.A. Colors: Fuel
  • L.A. Colors: Mint
  • L.A. Colors: Spat!
  • O.P.I.: In The Cable Car-Pool Lane
  • O.P.I.: Keeping Suzy At Bay
  • O.P.I.: Peace & Love & O.P.I.

24th Birthday Nails!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I did this design for my 24th birthday last year after I really got into nails. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I wanted something fancy even though I didn't do anything extravagant for my birthday.

This design was inspired by @trendypolish (on instagram)


Guess what? It's another WATERMARBLE!!! I absolutely can't get enough of watermarble. I know that there are some people out there who hate it, will never try it and I completely understand why. But for me it's actually pretty enjoyable. Do you see how beautiful and bright these two colors ended up turning out? Tell me that's not bright!

Back To School Teddy Bear

I know usually when people think about back to school, they usually think about apples, grades, books, letters, pencils, and things of the sort. But this year when I was going back to school I for some odd reason thought of a bear and polka dots. So that's what I ended up doing on my nails.

Now for those of you that may be wondering why my nails/fingers look so "shiny" that is my FAVORITE nail & cuticle oil that I was introduced to when I really got into nails. You can visit @simplenailarttips(on instagram). She also a link in here bio that will take you to her website with all here products as well as some awesome information about nail care; NailCare

The design was also inspired by the very talented @ohmygoshpolish(on instagram).

Blue On Blue Interlocking Dots

Interlocking what? Interlocking dots. Sounds strange but looks absolutely awesome on nails. This picture was the first time that I've ever attempted to do this design. Looks confusing? It's really not. Especially for a beginner like me!

Sally Hansen Watermarble

Okay so I must admit that I've got a slight obsession with WATERMARBLE!! Once I learnt the techniques I just keep on wanting to do it. It's fun because not every nail has to be the exact same or you can have all your nails the exact same. Completely up to you.

Getting even more confident with this wonderful technique I used SIX polishes!! Yup you heard me right SIX!!

First Nail Haul + Nail Mail

I remember this day like it was yesterday because two of the products that I really wanted had FINALLY arrived. My clean up brush from @joilepolish on instagram(link to her store is in her profile) and my absolutely new favorite top coat from Glisten & Glow which can also be purchased at NailPolishCanada.com. I absolutely love those two products. Any time I'm doing a mani I make sure that those two products are right beside me.

Polishes(from left to right):
  • L.A. Colors: Craze In A Flash(blue)
  • L.A. Colors: Electra(pink)
  • L.A. Colors: Dizzy(gold glitter)
  • Sinful Colors: On The Bright Side(yellow)
  • Sinful Colors: Mint Tropics(green)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Pacific Blue #420(not a fan of this formula at all!!)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Bubble Gum Pink #470
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Jazzy Jade #280
  • Chi: Ceramic Ridge Filler(don't fancy this at all)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Fast Drying Top Coat(Absolutely LOVE THIS!!!)

Excuse my photo. This was before I learnt what I did about lighting.

Bright Color Block Nails

Here's a mani that I did August 3 2014. First time ever doing a color block mani. I really love how the colors turned out together. This mani helps me feel all warm while outside is freezing and snowing here in Canada. Can't wait for the warmer weather to come back.

Minnie Mouse Nail Art

I remember doing these nails to match my daughters birthday theme last year! I didn't think they were going to turn out that well....BUT they turned out A LOT better than I thought. It went perfectly with her outfit and all the decorations. Even though she was feeling a little bit under the weather she enjoyed her party and my nails!

The design was initially inspired by @ohmygoshpolish on instagram.

Spring Colors Watermarble

Here is the second time that I tried watermarble nails. I remember feeling extremely confident so I decided that I would try four polishes instead of two!! Oh my gash! what a big jump for a beginner right? Pretty impressed with how they ended up turning out.

Seeeee?? Not too shabby right? I don't knnow what's going on with that hand pose though but anyways.

What Do You Even Call This Taping Mani?????????

Okay so I saw this mani floating around on instagram and decided, eh why not give it a try right?

Well it turned out fine for a beginner now starting out in the nail game, but what do you even CALL THIS? I mean besides a striping tape mani?? Triangular Striping Tape Mani?? Yup that's what we're going to call it for now okay? At least until someone corrects me or something.

Yes I know that at the time maybe I should have worked more on cleaning up around my cuticles but at the time I didn't know any better!! I figured that this was good enough. The things you can learn in just a few months!

Canada Day Watermarble

This was my first time attempting to do the famous WATERMARBLE!!! I watched many youtube videos to figure out how you were supposed to do it, temperature of the water, best tools to use to create the design, the angle at which the finger should be inserted into the water and much much more!

I was pretty impressed with the way that they did turn out. Of course I had to show Canada some love for Canada Day!

And again I don't remember the polish that I used to create this design. This was all before I learnt about keeping track of the polishes used in cause you ever wanted to recreate the design (duh!).

Pink & Blue Ombré Nails

Hey guys,

Okay so this is my first official nail post on my new blog. I'm planning on posting nail art, swatches on both swatch sticks and my own nails, some tutorials and so forth.

I've got a some photos from when I first started doing nail art up until my most recent nail art. I'll be posting in that order:)


This is the first time that I tried doing ombré nails and before I knew anything about putting your signature on your pictures and before I knew anything about taking decent pictures lol.

Sorry I don't remember the polishes that were used.


First Off,

I would like to say WELOME TO MY BLOG!!!

I decided that I would create a blog once I realized how much I actually liked nail art. I still consider myself to be a beginner at nail art seeing as I only found my new obsession in July 2014.

There are quite a few people that I have been (and still am) inspired by. Since seeing some of the work from some of the people that I follow on instagram it inspired me to give it a try. Since then it's become something that I'm very passionate and interested in. I have created my own instagram, opened this blog, and I'm working on tumblr as well.

I live in Canada and I'm currently at school studying Cosmetic Techniques & Management. Thanks for joining me on my nail journey & enjoy!!!