Born Pretty Store Fantasy Sky Stamping Review + Live Review

Happy Friday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful and productive week. I feel like I was actually able to get a lot done this week which makes me very happy. As promised today I do have the follow-up post in regards to the Born Pretty Store Fantasy Sky review. Let's jump on in.

Born Pretty Store Fantasy Sky Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Wednesday!!,

How has your week been thus far? Mine has been okay so far. Pretty productive in all honesty so I don't have any complaints. My daughter's birthday is coming up so I am trying to plan something that will be enjoyable for her during all of this COVID-19. Today I'll be sharing some swatches of this gorgeous polish by Born Pretty Store that is actually a stamping polish but can also double as a regular polish. So keep an eye out later this week with a separate post for that. Let's get started!

Mermaid Nail Art + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!,

How are you all doing? First off I wanted to wish my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada's Day!! I hope that everyone is staying safe. Honestly, I've been losing track of the days so I don't have Canada's Day nail art look to share but I do have a nail art look to share either way. Let's get started!!

Rainbow Smoosh Mani + Tutorial

Happy Monday!!,

It's the beginning of a new month and there is just so much going on in the world. To be honest it's emotionally and mentally draining. It doesn't make me want to do anything at all. But at the same time, I want to do the things I enjoy to calm my nerves. If that makes sense? Anyway, I am however going to try to push through because I do miss doing what I love. I've also decided that I'm more than likely won't be doing blogging as much anymore. I really want to focus more on my nail tech business as well as youtube. I do still have a lot of regular nail polishes to swatch so I'm still trying to figure out what would be the best way to go about sharing them. I dunno I'll have to see what will work best.

Anyway, I do have this gorgeous smoosh mani that I did sometime back but just didn't get around to sharing. Let's get started!

Nina Ultra Pro LimeLight Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Monday!!,

How are you all doing? I'm okay just trying to practice social distancing as much as possible. Although I must say that I do miss just being able to pick up and go outside when I feel like it. But of course, this is going to benefit everyone in the long run. Anyway today I have a simple swatch to share with you of a polish that I've actually had in my collection for some time now! Let's get started.

52 WNAC Week 15 - Easter + Tutorial

Happy Monday!!,

How was your weekend? Mine was alright. Not the kind of Easter that I'm accustomed to having but it was good nonetheless. I'm hoping that we can get overcome this pandemic soon. As much as my daughter understands what is going on and why she has to be inside she is starting to become antsy. Me personally I don't really mind being inside but what I do miss is if I felt like going out to eat or going and taking the kids to the park I could do that. Anyway, today I want to share this fun spring/easter mani that I did.

52 WNAC 2020Week 14 - Scrollwork + Tutorial

Hey There!,

How goes it? I'm alright just a bit tired to be honest with you. I'll be so glad when baby boy sleeps through the night lol. I had actually planned to have this post up and ready to go yesterday but since it was Good Friday I figured I would just take a break from everything. Honestly I'm glad I did because I didn't do anything besides just relax and take care of the kids. Today I'll be sharing the look that I did for the  52 Week Nail Art Challenge Week 14 prompt. Keep reading for more!

Watermarble Wednesdays: Yellow & Sky Blue + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!,

How goes it? I hope that you all are doing well. It's funny how we never really appreciate things that we have or are able to do until they are pretty much taken from us. Once everything is over I'm going to appreciate outside more than I did before! I actually have a Watermarble Wednesdays to share with you and it's the first one for the month. I really hope that I'll be able to have them going at a more consistent pace but we shall see. Let's get started!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Monday!,

How are you guys doing? I really do hope that you are all are taking all of the precautions necessary to make sure that you are keeping you and your loved ones safe. As much as I don't like not being able to go when I feel like, I am trying to make sure to use this extra time to do somethings that I don't usually have the time too. Anyway, to get this week going I have this gorgeous red polish by Sally Hansen to share with you! Keep on reading for more!

Black & Pastel Lime Double Stamping + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

How goes it? I'm hanging in there. I really dislike not being able to do much and having to be confined to my house. To be honest, in general, I'm more of a homebody but there are times I randomly like to just do things like go out to eat, catch up with friends etc. I really hope that this does pass soon. Please everyone just take care of yourselves! Today I came up with a simple double stamping nail art look! Keep reading for more.