Black & Pastel Lime Double Stamping + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

How goes it? I'm hanging in there. I really dislike not being able to do much and having to be confined to my house. To be honest, in general, I'm more of a homebody but there are times I randomly like to just do things like go out to eat, catch up with friends etc. I really hope that this does pass soon. Please everyone just take care of yourselves! Today I came up with a simple double stamping nail art look! Keep reading for more.
I kid you not nail art is something that can be very calming to me when there is a lot going on. It really does help me to relax. I'm not sure if that makes sense to any of you lol. I wasn't exactly sure what I had wanted to do when I sat down but eventually I opted for some double stamping. I really like the image I chose because to be it just seemed unusual but fun at the same time, so I'm really glad that I went with this one. I hope to have a lot of nail art done since they really want everyone to do a lot of social distancing.

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