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Happy Monday!,

We are finally in the last week of January, thank God! January was a very trying month for me and I'm over it. Bring on the rest of 2020 so that it could hopefully be better, thanks! Lol. I'm going to try and keep today's post short and sweet so let's get started!
I love the simplicity of this look plus how quick it was to do! The base polish gives me so much life!! I hardly use it and seeing as I believe it is no longer in stock it doesn't make me want to either lol. For this look, I decided that I would use some of my nail vinyls/stencils that I never use. I literally have a ridiculous amount that is just sitting there untouched. So one of my goals this year will be to attempt to use nail vinyls more often. Anyway, as simple as this may have been I definitely didn't want to take them off!

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