August 2019 Monthly Mani Favourites

Happy Monday!!,

A new month has begun which means that I have a round up of my favourite looks for last month! I cannot believe that September is here already!! That means that my birthday is in 10 days! There's so much going on for me this month already it's unbelievable! The links to the individual posts can be found down below!

  1. Watermarble Wednesdays: Lime & Salmon + Tutorial
  2. Off White With Gold Stamping
  3. WNAC August 2019 Day 2 - Palm Trees
  4. Clairestelle8 August 2019 Day 3 - Shark
  5. Reverse Stamping Sweets
  6. Pineapples

My favourites for last month are the watermarble, palm trees and the reverse stamping sweets one! Do you have a favourite? Let me know! 


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