Lilac Stamping Nail Art

Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was well full of laughter and productivity. On Saturday was the yearly Caribana parade and although I would have loved to participate I really did enjoy seeing everyone have fun! Since today is Civic Holiday in Canada and I'm lucky enough to not have to work, I'm just going to relax as much as possible before the workday tomorrow lol. Today I'll be sharing an archived stamping post with you! I'm actually making some headway with my archived swatches and nail art which makes me happy! Let's get started! 

Back to a time when my nails had gotten this long!! I do miss them this length at times. But with the fact that I will be having another baby soon, I don't think it would be safe for me to grow them back out this length lol. I know when I had done this look I had just finished swatching a polish from my untried stash but didn't want to just leave my nails bare. Sometimes I don't mind just a solid polish colour other times I'm like nope I need to do some type of nail art lol. I decided on something that would be quick and easy plus I already had a stamping plate out on my desk and had actually picked the stamping polish colour without much thought, to be honest. I enjoyed how this turned out although simple I still had fun. Plus I was just thankful to find an image that was long enough and wide enough for my nails lol.

Although I just adore a glossy look I left these matted for a few days!

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  1. This is a gorgeous mani and yes you will be able to have long nails again. I shortened mine when my granddaughter was born, but now still look after her with my long and pointy nails without catching her lol x

  2. I think I like this one shiny! I love the look of my long nails but the feel of short nails. I always go back and forth

  3. I love long nails myself but haven't been able to bring myself to gio back to that length lol

  4. Thanks so much. Haha that's awesome! That would be my goal to grow them back out long and be able to function with them agian lol.


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