Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Big Teal Swatches & Review

Happy Wednesday!,

I hope that the week has been kind to you thus far! So far it hasn't been too shabby. Monday night we finally had gotten some rain which made the night extremely cool and I LOVED IT! Lol. I hate being hot while trying to sleep. Then yesterday it wasn't too bad. The weather was actually pretty nice but for whatever reason the majority of the day I had a headache and that was annoying. Today where I work they will be holding a bbq for the staff which should be fun as well. Anywho, today I have a swatch to share of this lovely Sally Hansen Polish called Big Teal!
Big Teal

Big Teal is a lovely light blue/green creme polish. In the bottle and brush macro shot it seems like I was able to capture more of the green undertones in the polish but for my swatches and macro shot, it seems like it leaned more on the blue side which I found to be interesting. The formula was smooth although I will say that this one was a bit more on the thinner side. I suggest applying this carefully as it would be very easy to flood your cuticles. Big Teal built to full opacity nicely, had a good drying time and coverage. I could have stopped at two coats but I opted for three for good measure! Shown is three thin coats with a glossy top coat!


  1. Such a pretty shade! Yes the heat of a night is too uncomfortable to sleep x

  2. I do love how this is an in between color. Such a pretty shade!

  3. Me too! It gives you the best of both worlds!

  4. It really is! And yes it is, I always have my fan on super high lol.


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