WNAC June 2019 Day 14? - Pastel Gradient With Multichrome Flakies + Tutorial

Happy Friday!! 

I hope that you all are ready for the weekend! My weekend stated from yesterday since I've been off of work yesterday and today lol. It's funny because no matter how much time I figure I'll have to do the stuff that I want to do for myself it never works out that way. Yesterday my daughter got a gold medal at the ceremony for Academic Excellence In All Subjects! She was so proud and I was beyond proud of her. That's all that she talked about all year was getting herself a gold medal at the end of the year. She worked hard all year long and she deserved it! Since we got back home late last night we all slept in really late lol. Anyway today I'll be sharing the look that I did for this months WNAC June 2019 Day 14 - Flakies prompt!

When I saw this prompt was up next I knew that I had some flakies but none of them were pastel flakies lol. But I know instantly that I wanted to do a gradient and apply some flakies on top. So that's exactly what I ended up doing. I wish I had paid attention to the prompts though because the last one for this month is gradient LOL. Oh well just means that I'll be doing another gradient at some point!




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*Multichrome Flakies was provided to me by BeautyBigBang for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way*

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