May 2019 Monthly Mani Favourites

Happy Monday!!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was good although I didn't get to do too much of what I had planned. Hopefully, when I get in from work this evening I'll have some energy to do something. I haven't shared one of these in a long time so I was glad to have something to share! As usual links to the individual posts can be found below!

  1. Pink & Nude Chevron
  2. Watermarble Wednesdays: Navy + Lavender + Tutorial
  3. White & Black Wedding Stamping Nail Art
  4. WNAC May 2019 Day 3 - Lilacs
  5. WNAC May 2019 Day 10 - Amaryllis
  6. Clairestelle8 May 2019 Day 11 - Mother's Day
  7. Clairestelle8 May 2019 Day Day 14 - Negative Space + Tutorial


  1. Of course I love your watermarble nails the most! You are so great at them!

  2. That watermarble is so pretty!

  3. May just went to quick! Gorgeous mani's and I love them all ♡

  4. It’s fun to look back each month and see all your fabulous art!

  5. It really did. The year is just flying on by. Thank you!


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