Clairestelle8 May 2019 Day 7 - Minimalist

Hey Loves!,

How are you? I'm okay. My back has been hurting me a bit today so I'm trying to take things easy and not overdo it. My daughter is pretty excited as she will be going to see Aladdin tomorrow with her class and asked if I could come with them. Personally, I am going to go mainly because she asked me to come but also because there's the child in me that wants to see this movie lol. I have a few looks for this prompt that I was able to do but didn't have time to share so I'm going to try and get this done before month end lol. Let's take a look at what I came up with for the Clairestelle8 May 2019 Day 7 - Minimalist prompt!
I'm not even going to lie. This prompt was one of the ones that I had over thought. When I saw it I was like what is minimalist? How do you do minimalist? LOL. I swear I overthink things too often. Anyway, I googled minimalist nail art and found out that it literally just means very simplistic like nail art. I decided that I would go with a simple chevron tip manicure and although it is very simple I enjoyed it a lot and got of compliments on it.

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