Clairestelle8 May 2019 Day 11 - Mother's Day

I'm Back Again!,

I know right. LOL. This is when you know that I have some catching up that I would like to personally do, or when I have something that is important to share. Well, these two posts in one day are because I have nail art that I just want to share for this month, especially for the nail art prompts. I know that Mother's Day came and went but there was no way I couldn't share this nail art with you! Let's take a look at my Clairestelle8 Day 11 - Mother's Day look!
Mother's Day has always been extremely special to me. Being an only child and living with my mom from since I can remember we've always had a very close relationship. Of course, she always made sure that I knew she was my mother first and my friend second lol. And not too long ago my mom had to battle with cancer and that had just taken the wind out of me when I found out. My mom is like my best friend. We talk about everything. She has always had my back and has always been my backbone. So I always try to make sure not to take her for granted even more. And then when I had my daughter mother's day had then become even more special. I figured that I just wanted to do something pretty and fun for all the mothers out there whether it is birth moms, mothers who have adopted, fur moms, godmothers, stepmothers it doesn't matter. They all deserve to be appreciated and recognized. Of course not for one day of the year but every single day!

Here are some macros of my individual fingers!

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