Barbie Pink With Yellow Stamping Nail Art


Hey Loves!,

How goes it?!? I know I know. Ridiculously long time. To be honest I personally just needed to take a step back from social media for a bit. I had intended to be gone for only about two weeks or so but then before I knew it one thing lead to another and two weeks turned into a few months. Between that time there were also some major life-changing decisions and events that took place which I will get into at another time, but I have really missed my blog and doing my nails. Anywho to get this posting going for today I figured that I would share a mani that I've had sitting in my archives for some time now. Keep reading for more!
You know sometimes when I do see photos of my nail when they used to be this long I really miss them. But I don't think that I would ever grow them out that long again. Lol. I love the way that these two colours work with each other and to be honest the image that I had chosen to use was actually a bit on the small side for the length of my nails but I still managed to make it work. I'm not sure about you but these colours do get me in the mood for the warmer weather!

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*Born Pretty Store "Ocean Theme" BP-23 Stamping Plate was provided to me by Fiendish Fancies for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way*


  1. I’ve missed your nails. Take the time you need. But you came back with a bang! I love the color combo

  2. So happy your back, I've missed your nails too! Absolutely love this colour combo ♡

  3. Awe thanks so much! I have missed all of you as well. Thanks Tracey!

  4. Awe thanks! I think sometimes we tend to forget that we need to take care of ourself as well.


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