Numbers & Gems Nail Art + Tutorial!

Hey Loves!,

I hope that today has been good to you thus far. My day so far is okay. Although I can't wait for 6:45pm to come so that I can go home lol. Over the weekend we had gotten 5-10cm of snow and no word of a lie I avoided going outside. Not only did we get a whole bunch of snow at one time it was also between -20 to -30 all weekend. Today is cold but not as bad as this past weekend was. Today I'll be sharing this mani that yet again never got shared lol. Honestly, I have A LOT of these plus new ones that I'm constantly doing so bear with me! Let's get started!
I'm not really sure what made me decide to come up with this mani but it just came to mind and I went with it. To be honest I wasn't entirely sure what or how I was going to incorporate these gems/crystals in my look. I just knew that I wanted to use them lol. Once I had decided on placement everything else just pretty much fell into place! Although I personally still feel pretty blah about the whole look lol.

Polishes Used:

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