Girls Night Out

Hey There!,

Can you believe that the first week of the month and the year is just about over already? We haven't actually gotten any actual snow that stays. The few times it did snow it was light and was gone by the next day. Although it did snow last night and is still here but doesn't seem like that heavy snowfall that we usually get. I'm not complaining though! First nail art of the year is very simple and girly. Keep reading for more!
Guess what? These I did sometime last year when I was going out with a few of my friends and of course, I'm only now sharing them. Lol. I swear if I don't get these photos that I have edited and shared they will never be shown and get buried with all the future photos that I'll be taking. Anyway, I'm actually a homebody. There's the off chance that I'll feel like going out. Majority of the time I'm very happy with just staying inside lol. One evening one of my good friends had invited me out for some drinks and I was in the mood so decided I would go. Before I left I did this quick mani and I just adored it!

Polishes Used:
  • Essie: Grow Stronger
  • O.P.I: Girls Love Ponies
  • Sinful Colors: Snow Me White
  • Color Club: Silver Glitter
  • Glisten & Glow: Top Coat

Products/Tools Used:


  1. Adorable. I need me a pink martini!

  2. Such a fun mani! I need a girls night with a cute mani.

  3. Such a great look for a night out. I prefer staying inside too lol, been ages since I went out for fun!

  4. Well these are cute and you cant go wrong with pink and sparkle!

  5. What a cute mani! Love the martini stamp!

  6. Upon seeing this mani, my hands flew up in the air - whoot whoot!


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