Indie Expo Canada 2018 V.I.P. Bag Polishes Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Wednesday!!,

I am so glad we're halfway through the week already. I had this post typed and saved to be posted earlier today but when I came back to add the video to it EVERYTHING was gone. I was so sad because that meant that I would have to do everything over again! So here I am retyping this post lol. Today I don't have a Watermarble Wednesdays to share as I had really wanted to get these gorgeous polishes on my blog. Last year I attended the Indie Expo Canada 2018 and honestly I had a blast. It was nice meeting makers as well as other bloggers. Of course, when I had wanted to share the polishes that were in my V.I.P Bag other things came up and I just ever got the chance too. So I figured I'd try and get these up before this year's Indie Expo Canada lol. Also, keep your eyes out as I'll be sharing the polishes from the event eventually as there was A LOT!
In the bag, there were various brands but for the most part, all of the polishes had really good coverage, with great drying time between coats and built very nicely to opacity. Some needed two coats while others needed three but I will let you know which were two or three coaters! 

Bohemian Polish A Little More Conversation Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? I'm alright excited for the nicer weather that we're supposed to be getting for the remainder of this week. Yesterday was nice too just a bit more on the cloudy side. But what would make this week even better is if we didn't get any rain at all. Let's keep our fingers crossed for me! Lol. Today I'll be sharing one of the few polishes I had picked up from Polish Pick Up last year sometime. Yeah I know, I'm horrible lol. Let's take a look at this beauty😊.

Matte Glitter Triangle Nail Art

Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was good for the most part. I actually had a headache that had lasted a few hours on Saturday. I was supposed to go to a breakfast thing with my friend and her sister but that didn't end up happening which I didn't mind too much since I didn't want to have to wake up early anyway lol. Plus today is Victoria Day long weekend so I'm going to see about taking the little one to go and see some fireworks later. Anyway today I'll be sharing a simple nail art with you!

Pure Ice Over You Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

Are you ready for the weekend? As you know today was basically a lazy day since my daughter didn't have school. Even though it was a somewhat lazy day I still had things that need to be done which I did most of them so I have no complaints. Tomorrow we're supposed to be going to a breakfast gathering with my friend and her sister so that should be fun. To get us into the weekend I have a swatch from my archive to share!


Hey There!,

I hope that this post finds you well. I honestly can't wait for the evening to come only because like I had mentioned yesterday that tomorrow there will be no waking up early for myself and the little one as she has no school on Friday! I just can't wait lol. I also hope that all of this rain that we have been getting in May eases up in June. Today I have a simple stamping look that was the idea of my daughter, to be honest. Let's take a look!

Essie Rock The Boat Swatches & Review

Happy Wednesday!,

We're just about half way through the week already! I'm excited because tomorrow is going to be like my Friday! Only because the little one has a P.A. Day on Friday which means extra sleep for the two of us! Lol. Today I'll be haring a swatch instead of the usual Watermarble Wednesdays as it just wasn't able to happen this week. Sorry guys, but keep reading to find out about this beauty.

White & Black Wedding Stamping Nail Art

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? I'm alright just trying to finish up on getting my posts scheduled for the remainder of the week. We had rain basically all weekend and that he had some light rainfall this morning and are supposed to be getting some on and off drizzle for the remainder of the day. To be honest I need a break from the rain now lol. Today I have this simple black and white stamping mani to share with you!

Cirque Colors Golightly Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!!,

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was good. Friday night I went and hung out with one of my good friends that I knew since I was about 5 years old. Saturday I had a migraine all day 😞😞 and that migraine lead into Sunday. Then I had a little bit of energy on Sunday and my daughter, mother, my cousin and myself went out and we had so much fun just talking and getting caught up. So, unfortunately, that meant that I didn't get much done for my blog this weekend especially with the migraine hence my later than usual post lol. Today I have this gorgeous and I believe my one and only polish by Cirque to share!

Born Pretty Store Silent Night Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!!,

It's finally the weekend. Are you as excited as I am? Maybe not but I'm excited only because that means that I can finally get to sleep some more and not have to get up early. That has been my favourite past time lately sleeping LOL. Today I'll be sharing the last polish that was sent to me by Born Pretty Store with you guys!

Born Pretty Store Rose Of No Mans Land Swatches & Review


Only one more day until the weekend guys!! I'm so excited only because I haven't been sleeping properly this week so I know that I'll be able to catch up on the weekend lol. Plus I've had some running around to do yesterday, today and tomorrow. I'll be extremely glad for the weekend lol. Today I have another lovely polish from Born Pretty Store to show you. Let's get started!

Watermarble Wednesdays: Navy & Lavender + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

We're already halfway through the first week of May already! I'm excited because that means that there is only one more month left of school for the little one and then it will be summer vacation for her. I don't think she's going to be as excited as I am though LOL. Today I have my first watermarble of this month to share with you and I actually have a tutorial that you can check out down below as well!

Born Pretty Store My Princess Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? I'm alright although I do wish that we could get more of a break from all of this rain that we have been getting lately. But I guess that I shouldn't really be complaining since rain is better than snow. It's just we had a lot of rain yesterday and we will be getting some later this afternoon. Anywho, today I have another gorgeous polish from Born Pretty Store to share with you. Keep reading for more!

My Princess is a duochrome polish that shifts from purple to blue. It is honestly super gorgeous and I just knew that I was going to love it once I got it onto my nails. The polish did have a sheer first coat if you were going to wear it alone. On my pinky and middle finger, I wore it alone and on my ring and pointer fingers, I wore it over a black base polish. The formula was very smooth with good coverage and decent drying time between coats. My Princess was very opaque when worn alone by the second coat. Shown is two thin coats with a glossy top coat.

Born Pretty Store has many nail art supplies and tools for everyone at each level of nail art! Don't forget to use my code SAFK31 for 10% off of your purchase! 

*My Princess was provided to me by Born Pretty Store for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way*

Clairestelle8 May 2019 Day 4 - Stripes


Happy Monday! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was okay although I wasn't feeling the greatest yesterday. I will say that I am starting to feel a bit more like myself today thankfully. I haven't participated in any of my favourite nail art challenges lately and I am super excited to start to get back into them! Today I'll be sharing the first prompt for this months Clairestelle8 May 2019 Challenge! Let's get started!

Born Pretty Store Flipped Heart Swatches & Review


As you know I don't usually post on the weekend unless it is for a prompt or if I have some catching up to do, and it is the latter! Lol. How has the day treated you thus far? Mine has been good. Pretty nice so there aren't any complaints at the moment. Lol. Today I have this gorgeous thermal polish from Born Pretty Store to share! More pictures below!

Pink & Nude Chevron

Happy Friday!!,

We have made it through another week guys! Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am only because that means that I'll be able to sleep in with the little one. LOL! Joys of adulting I swear! Today I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. To take us into the weekend I have this simple yet fun chevron mani to share with you! Keep reading for more!

Essie The Girls Are Out Swatches & Review

Hey There!,

We're only one day away from Friday! I feel like each week is just flying by and I'm standing still sometimes lol. Today was a bit nicer than it was yesterday but there's a possibility that we may be getting some rain at some point today. As much as I know that rain is good I'm hoping that it eases up a bit soon lol. Today I have another archived Essie swatch to share with you all!

Lilac Ropes

Happy Wednesday!,

Can you believe that we are on the first day of May already!!??? I don't know where the time is going and I'm not sure about you but I personally feel like I was just in January. I know it's Wednesday and usually, I would have a Watermarble Wednesdays to share with you but at the moment I don't. If I don't have one posted by the end of the day then next week for sure I will have one! For the first post of the month, I'll be sharing this quick and easy stamping look I did!

O.P.I Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Swatches & Review


I hope that you're doing well. I'm alright but I actually have a slight headache at the moment. That's one of the things that I can say I dislike about the spring weather. The up and down in the temperatures. One minute it's a decent temperature the next minute it's on the chillier side of things. I'll be glad when the weather can be more consistent lol. Since I've got a ridiculous backlog of swatches and nail art photos I'm trying to through those as well as most current ones. Lol. Today I'll be sharing this O.P.I polish that I actually ended up liking more than I thought I would. Here we go!

Essie Full Steam Ahead Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you get to do anything special or interesting? I didn't do too much. Just stayed home and took it easy with the little one. Plus the little one wasn't feeling well and ended up staying home Thursday and Friday. She does seem like she is feeling a bit better now thankfully. To get the weeks started I'll be sharing a swatch of this gorgeous Essie polish that I've had in my stash for only God knows how long lol. Keep reading for more!

Essie Style Hunter Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

I hope that the week has treated you well. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I don't. I'm just going to relax and take it as easy as possible. To get this Friday going I'll be sharing another simple swatch of another Essie polish with you! I just love how juicy this looks. Here we go!

Essie Serial Shopper Swatches & Review

Hey There,

How goes it? I'm alright for the most part. Just trying to take things one day at a time. Today I'll be sharing a simple swatch with you from Essie. I actually have had this polish for I think almost two years now and I have only used it twice! Once as a base for some double stamping nail art that I did and then the other for this review! Keep reading for more!

Watermarble Wednesdays: Red & Gold

Happy Wednesday!,

I hope that the week has been good to you thus far! For the most part, it has been alright. I'm glad that the weather is slowly starting to warm up a bit. Last week it was okay and then coming onto the weekend we had nothing but rain. But, I guess that's expected this time of the year. Better rain than snow. I can't believe that we're almost into May already! Today I'll be sharing this weeks Watermarble Wednesdays! Let's take a look at how these came out!

Barbie Pink With Yellow Stamping Nail Art


Hey Loves!,

How goes it?!? I know I know. Ridiculously long time. To be honest I personally just needed to take a step back from social media for a bit. I had intended to be gone for only about two weeks or so but then before I knew it one thing lead to another and two weeks turned into a few months. Between that time there were also some major life-changing decisions and events that took place which I will get into at another time, but I have really missed my blog and doing my nails. Anywho to get this posting going for today I figured that I would share a mani that I've had sitting in my archives for some time now. Keep reading for more!

Numbers & Gems Nail Art + Tutorial!

Hey Loves!,

I hope that today has been good to you thus far. My day so far is okay. Although I can't wait for 6:45pm to come so that I can go home lol. Over the weekend we had gotten 5-10cm of snow and no word of a lie I avoided going outside. Not only did we get a whole bunch of snow at one time it was also between -20 to -30 all weekend. Today is cold but not as bad as this past weekend was. Today I'll be sharing this mani that yet again never got shared lol. Honestly, I have A LOT of these plus new ones that I'm constantly doing so bear with me! Let's get started!

Essie Shade On Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

How was your week last week? Mine was exhausting, to say the least. There was some moving that had to be done not last weekend but the weekend before and we got that done. That then had me drained for the next few days and then the Tuesday of last week I found out my daughters godmother has cancer again for the third time and that threw me for a loop. So between the on and off crying last week plus working literally just didn't have the energy to be posting anything.  I was literally drained emotionally and physically. I am however starting to feel a bit better which is a good thing! Anyway enough about me and onto the nails! Today I'll be sharing another archived photo that never got to see the light of day until now! Lol.

Color Club Feverish Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? Honestly, I actually have a headache and I would really appreciate if it went away lol. Probably from dealing with customers for 7.5hrs 5 days a week on the phones lol. It's only Tuesday and I already can't wait for the weekend. Plus today is my little's ones first day back and I know that she is super excited to be back with all her friends! Today I'll be sharing another archived swatch post and I just absolutely love this colour!

Fiendish Fancies Polish PickUp January 2019 Weaver's Wrath Swatches & Review


Happy Monday!,

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend. I'm here getting ready for the upcoming holidays! In all honesty, I can't believe it's the last month of the year already! I feel like I was just literally planning my daughters birthday in July. Anyway, today I'll be sharing Fiendish Fancies contribution to this months Polish Pickup! What is The Polish Pick Up? It's a Facebook Group where makers create a polish/product which is based on the theme for the month. The polishes are available at the Polish Pick Up website on the first Friday of each month until the following Monday. Customers can then decide which polishes they want and pay a flat rate shipping cost of $3.00(US) or $5.00(CAD). The theme for this month is Mythology! Let's get started!

Essie Trombone Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

The last day of an already shortened work week! I know that I'm going to dread next week only because I'll have to be at work for the 5 days instead of the three that I did this week lol. Oh well. Today I'll be sharing another archived post that I never got around to share until now. Keep reading for more!

Girls Night Out

Hey There!,

Can you believe that the first week of the month and the year is just about over already? We haven't actually gotten any actual snow that stays. The few times it did snow it was light and was gone by the next day. Although it did snow last night and is still here but doesn't seem like that heavy snowfall that we usually get. I'm not complaining though! First nail art of the year is very simple and girly. Keep reading for more!

Sassy Pants Polish Mountain Stream Daydream Swatches & Review

Happy Hump Day,

I hope all is well with you. I'm alright back out to work now after the holidays. Although I wish I could just stay home lol. But unfortunately, I have to be an adult and all. Today I have another archived photo that never got edited to be shared until now! Let's take a look.

Zoya Kerry Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

It's officially the first day of the new year! Did you end up doing anything special to ring in the new year? I didn't really do much besides watch the countdown, as usual, lol but I don't really mind. I still have so many pictures of polish swatches & nail art that never got a chance to be shared so that's how I'll be starting off the new year for my blog lol. Sharing a polish swatch that only recently got edited. Let's get started!