Clairestelle8 December 2018 Day 5 - Christmas Sweaters


Two posts in one day?! I know right. You know I only do this when I have some catching up to do lol. And seeing as catching up is my middle name at the moment I might as well do it as much as I can right? So this evening I'll be sharing the mani that I did for the Clairestelle8 Day 5 - Christmas Sweaters prompt. Let's see how these turned out!
Everytime that I do a nail art challenge around this time of year and they decide to use the prompt Christmas Sweater I always immediately think of those hideous Christmas Sweaters that you see in shows lol. It never fails that is the first thing that comes to my mind. So that's usually what I end up doing. Some form of ugly Christmas Sweaters. Maybe next year I'll do a nice looking Christmas Sweater lol. These turned out so ugly that I almost didn't end up sharing them! LOL.

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