Clairestelle8 Day 2 Icicles Or Snowflakes

Hey Loves!,

You know we still haven't gotten an official snowfall yet! I know eventually it's going to happen and when it does it's going to be a lot. It never fails lol. So as I have said I wanted to get back into doing nail art challenges again and I figured why not get back into the swing of things by doing one of the ones I really like doing. Today I have the nail art that I did for day 2 of the Clairestelle8 December 2018 challenge! Here we go!!
Here a look at the prompts for this month!

Initially, I was going to go with snowflakes but then figured that snowflake manis can be done the entire of winter. Then I also remembered that I have a whole bunch of vinyls that don't get much love and decided I would use them to help create my look for this prompt! I'm pretty sure I've had these vinyls now for almost a year and this is the first time that I've used them! Hopefully, I remember to use them some more before the winter season is over!

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