Sunflower Nail Art

Hey Loves!,

Last night when I came in from work I was so tired that I just couldn't even function. I came in did the usual shower, eat and relax but before I knew I was sleeping. And I would keep waking up because I wasn't laying down properly. I knew I was going to be drained from when I woke up yesterday morning. But today I actually feel like I have the energy to do some stuff when I come home in the evenings. Anyway enough of my rambling! Let's take a look at the nail art I have to share today!
I know that spring and summer have come and gone but when scrolling through my phone for photos to edit I came across this one! Upon seeing it I just knew that it had to be shared with you all as well! Doing this was tedious only because I did the reverse stamping method but, it was totally worth it! Reverse stamping has to be (for me anyway) something that you're in the mood for and have the time to sit down and do lol. Definitely one of my favourite manis of the year!


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