China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful week! Are you ready for the weekend? I am and I'm not all at the same time lol. Today I have a simple swatch to share with you. I've had this China Glaze polish swatched for almost a year now and it has never made an appearance lol. Let's take a look!

Stained Glass Nail Art

Hey Lovelies!,

How goes it? I'm alright just getting back into the routine with this additional routine that I've had to add back into my life lol. Being an adult is so much fun🙄🙄. Anyway today I'll be sharing another mani that has been buried in my many many photos that never made an appearance on my blog. Let's take a look at what I did!

Watermarble Wednesdays: Navy Blue & Grey + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful week thus far! Mine has been really annoying, to say the least. I'm hoping that the rest of the week goes better. After what literally feels like an eternity I finally have a Watermarble Wednesdays to share with you! I'm hoping from next month I'll be able to have the coming more consistently. Here we go!

Heather Purple Stamping Nail Art

Hey Loves!,

I hope that you're doing well. Today is a rather rainy day and to be honest it has me not feeling like doing much of anything besides laying down under my blanket and laying in bed all day. But unfortunately, I have to be an adult lol. Today I'll be sharing a mani that I did a good while back and has just been sitting in my photos and never shared. Let's take a look!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Coral Reef Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was good and busy, to be honest. Can you believe that we're already in the last week of September!? I honestly feel like the month just started. Saturday I went to the annual IMATS event but I will say it wasn't as good as the other years that I have attended. Today I'll be sharing a simple swatch of a polish that I've had an actually used a few times! Keep on reading for more!

Colourful Gradient With Stamping

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? I'm alright just trying to get as much done this week as possible. This weekend is my annual trip to IMATS and although I may not be purchasing a lot of things I still like to go and see if they will have anything that will peak my interest. Today I also have this gorgeous nail art that I've had done for some time now (as you can tell by my nail length) to share! Let's take a look!

Pampered Polishes Disney Sidekicks Trio Collaboration Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! I did plus my birthday was last week Thursday so even though I was battling the cold I was still able to enjoy myself. With that being said I wanted to have this up sooner but not being able to talk and being ridiculously weak I decided to wait until I felt better. Today I'll be sharing a new to me brand that I have seen around but haven't had the chance to try until now called Pampered Polishes! This is the second half of the Disney Sidekicks Collaboration between her and I, A.M...Custom Color Cosmtics! Let's take a look!

Each of the polishes in this trio had good coverage, built to full opacity very nicely with a decent drying time in between coats. My swatch show two thin coats for A Friend Like Me and Zero. While I did use three thin coats for I Just Have Pixlexia I could have stopped at two. All my swatches are shown with one coat of top coat as well. 

Fiendish Fancies September 2018 Polish PickUp Broken Mirror, Broken Minds Swatches & Review

Hey There!,

I hope that your week went well. Mine was good just getting used to the school routine again with the little one. Today I'll be sharing the Fiendish Fancies contribution to the Polish Pick Up called Broken Mirror, Broken Minds. What is The Polish Pick Up? It's a Facebook Group where makers create a polish/product which is based on the theme for the month. The polishes are available at the Polish Pick Up website on the first Friday of each month until the following Monday. Customers can then decide which polishes they want and pay a flat rate shipping cost of $3.00(US) or $5.00(CAD). The theme for this month is Horror Movies! Let's get started!

I,A.M...Custom Color Disney Sidekicks Trio Collab Swatches & Review + Live Swatch

Happy Wednesday!,

We're already halfway through the 1st week of the month guys! I can't believe it. I'm also excited because my birthday is next week Thursday and I'm going to be 28!! I kid you not I'm going to be 80 and still getting excited for my birthday LOL! I know I've been saying that I will try and have my Watermarble Wednesdays posts up more often but I have more important things to share first! Today I have the I, A.M.Custom Color...Disney Sidekicks Trio Collab to share! This is actually a collaboration with Pampered Polishes and I'll have her polishes to share with you late this week! Let's get started!
 Each of the polishes had a continuous application, good coverage, built nicely between coats and had a decent drying time. Of the three polishes, Experiment 626 required three coats while the others only required two coats. 

Pastel Gradient & Stamping + Tutorial

Hey Loves!,

I hope that you all had a great long weekend! Mine was good I had two birthday functions to attend so by Monday I was just completely drained lol. Now that the summer holidays are over it's time to get myself and the little one back on routine especially seeing as today was her first day back to school! To get the month started on my blog I'll be sharing this pastel gradient and stamping nail art!